Heard of Time Line Therapy and NLP? Releasing all negative emotions trapped in the Subconscious Mind.

by Mike E

It seems that a lot of the major problems associated with Bipolar(BP) have to do with the 'subconscious' mind. I have come across this as well in my spiritual journey in books and materials related to 'quieting the mind' etc. Years ago before I was diagnosed I went and participated in a Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminar by Tad James. In it we learnt about his patented Time Line Therapy Model which incorporates Gestalt therapy. There should be information online about it - but in short you are supposed to be 'releasing' all negative emotions all the way from even in the womb up until the present and that somehow upon successfully doing the Time Line Therapy for all negative emotions that you would be free of all the inherent negativity that was trapped away in your subconscious mind, which consequently affected your daily moods and thoughts etc.

Could you let me know your thoughts - Also another thing that I have always valued and been grateful is taking part in NLP. NLP essentially for people that don't know, is basically the study of how the Brain works. But after doing this seminar it really changed my life and opened up my 'awareness' of the mind's way of doing things and in doing so empowered me. It was like being shown the process and techniques of how a magic trick was actually done. Now I understood WHY i thought the way I did and more importantly some ways of how to Change how i thought. Anyway I highly recommend both to anyone.

I would really appreciate your insight into all this Ben. I also wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to make this website. Like you mention there is an overwhelming amount of discussion about how it would be almost impossible for anyone suffering with BP to go through life medication-free and your website along with your patients testimonials give me so much hope which is like a blessing and inspires me that i can overcome the scares of BP in my life. God (If there is one) Bless you.

Ben's Reply:

Thanks for your thoughtful post Mike. I absolutely agree that the unconscious - especially past, unresolved emotional traumas and unhealthy beliefs and patterns - play a huge role in the manifestation of Bipolar Disorder. Much of my work with clients - including my bipolar clients - focuses on releasing, and I find that it often produces very deep change, and greater stability of mood and energy.

I am not very knowledgeable about Timeline Therapy, but really like the concept of it. It sounds like a very promising approach. There is a technique in EFT called the "Personal Peace Process" that involves listing and tapping through every past trauma - large and small - that you can remember from your past. Perhaps a similar idea.

I also regard NLP as a very powerful technique. In fact, Gary Craig, the creator of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was an NLP Master before he was tapping, and his NLP background definitely influenced his work with meridian tapping.

It seems that many proponents of tapping/EFT also advocate NLP and I think the two are very compatible.

Thank you for the recommendation!

Ben Schwarcz

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