Have you tried Hardy Nutritionals natural micronutrient treatment for bipolar disorder?

The American Psychiatric Association says Daily Essential Nutrients works for bipolar disorder...has anyone tried it?


Ben's Response:

Thank you for the link. I see that Dr. Popper - a Harvard MD - endorses the micronutrient product from Hardy Nutritionals - and that this was the topic of discussion at the American Psychiatric Association Symposium in Canada. Dr. Popper also was known for winning a landmark case in Canadian court when challenged on his endorsement of nutritional therapy for his bipolar patients. He testified, on behalf of the company TrueHope who makes a similar micronutrient product marketed for bipolar and depression, because he had a large number of patients that were very much dependent on the continuation of this therapy in order to maintain their stability (without medication). I'm happy to see that this subject is finally being taken seriously by mainstream psychiatry - it's about damn time.

Bodies thrive on nutrients, not drugs. Seems logical.

That being said, I haven't known anyone personally yet who has tried this product from Hardy Nutritionals, but I have seen a number of clients who have taken TrueHope, and the majority of them reported positive experiences with it. It's good to see some healthy competition out there, and I hope the result is more affordable, high quality supplements that are safe and effective for everyone who needs them.

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Here's a short video interview with Dr. Popper on Micronutrient treatments:

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