If I feel love and strong emotions towards someone could it be a fake feeling, or can I trust my feelings?

Ben's Answer:
That's a good question, but a hard one to answer. Learning to trust your own feelings, and tell the difference between "normal" reality based emotions and the intense, passionate emotions that often are felt during an elevated (manic) mood episode, is not always easy.

Generally, the advice I give is this: If you feel connected to your body, feel your feet on the ground, stay aware of your breath.... and your mind is NOT racing and overflowing with ideas and thoughts... and the people you know and trust the most are not telling you that you're using poor judgment or acting recklessly or impulsively - then these are all good signs that you should listen to your feelings and trust them.

If the feelings last, and don't simply come and go, it's another good sign that you can trust them. Mania comes and goes, and along with it, feelings of love and attraction may come and go. When in doubt - wait - be patient and see if you feel the same after a few days (or a week). No need to rush anything.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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