Harness and embrace Bipolar - Spiritual awakening

by Ming

It is definitely a spiritual awakening but because it is so strong it scares the unawakened (the rest of society) if you do not harness it and let it run wild. Bipolar to me is the leaving of Depression (the ego self) and arriving at the real self (the I AM) which is awarenss, awakeness and consciousness and the true character of your soul. For example I now embrace my true character /creativity of being compassionate and appreciative to humanity and nature, joyfull,analytical, articulate and insightful. I will now try to enter into a career or start up a business where I can use these unique characteristics to earn great wealth so I can do the things I want to do to enjoy my life and make a difference for the better in our lifetime. This will not be spent on material junk, just the necessities to live comfortably for me and my family for the rest of our lifetimes. Before I got sick I was an accountant/auditor (pretty boring I know) but at the time of starting Uni years ago I thought it was an honourable profession, now I just want to use my newfound awareness and my knowledge to do something more fullfilling. See the shift? I know what I want and I am putting it out there.

Your journey may be the same or different to mine but you need to embrace it and be patient with it to get its true meaning so you can live the rest of your life in the Grace of what is and that to me is God the creator of all. I call it a leap of faith as when I looked at what I will be when I die, I will be nothing and I can't bear that thought, so then I must be something, and that something is my soul. That means too that all my fears of my family and friends dying is gone because their souls will live on too! That is a cause for celebration isn't it. We are what we believe and I believe to choose the path that leads me to peace and happiness, not fear.

I am happy I experienced it the second time, it allowed me to know what not to do ie crazy stuff that puts you in hospital and mind numbing drugs and feeling ashamed and isolated afterwards for months. Instead use your faith and your cognative abilities to navigate to the other pole fully aware of what you are doing in an attempt to bring peace to yourself and therefore everything around you. I wish you all the luck in the world and once you get there I trust in God that you will use your newfound wisdom for the betterment of the world and bring peace through the real divine you. Everyone is divine, it's just that some of us are still trapped in our ego shell awaiting to be born and this is it. This is your chance of being reborn into a peaceful state, so embrace it and make sure you keep up the good work of keeping the ego self at bay. If you can do that this sharing will be well worth every word. Take care of your precious self, remember to eat only food grown on the planet not man made (ego made).This has a role on effect I am sure you can work it out. Nurture your soul and free yourself from your ego. Ming

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Oct 09, 2015
Today I have been awakened
by: Luke

Thank you for this article every word spoke to me!!! I didn't quite understand or even know that I was so deeply spiritual until asking my self the question of why everything is, recently, And what effect, the actions of world leaders (and all of our race as humans) have for the betterment of humanity. Every action has an outcome that will at some stage be the last piece of the puzzle to understanding the meaning of life and trigger someone's awakening, for me it was the realisation that "the awakend" are the ones that protect humanity and promote ideals that they know are required to prolong our race through this time and beyond which for the "unawakened" is impossible to comprehend. Looking after the resources that will prolong humanities blood line. I know now that my death date is the beginning rather than the end or at least a continuation of my existence into the realm of the awakened and the egoless. Everything is, as it should be, when it should be. For the maintenance of humanity. We are all visitors here but for now the earth supplements this rehlms requirements to take us to the next! I will enjoy, listen and acknowledge all that I can is this phase to better my true self and understand the next and the next thereafter

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