Guided Meditation for Depression

Experience Deep Relaxation, Healing, and

The Audio Recording below is a Guided Meditation for Depression, Stress and Anxiety.

Purchase All 3 Parts - Full 62-Minute Meditation Here for $20 (your purchase supports the operation of this website):

Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Part 1 - 15 minutes
Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Part 2 - 15 minutes
AUM - Healing Sound Meditation - Part 3 - 32 minutes

Satisfied Customer quotes:

"... I have already benefited greatly from your guided meditations and your book! I never trust anyone (especially someone I don't even know), but as I used your Alternative Depression Therapy website and free meditation, asked you a question which you promptly answered, and moved on to your book and began regularly practicing EFT/Meridian Tapping, I began believing in your methods as the results were speaking loud and clear--relief and release from mental and emotional behaviors I have lived with my whole life, and thought I would have to live with forever. I am becoming a new person, seeing life in a whole different context, and actually being happy! While I still have a ways to go with some problems, I know that I can, and I will, make it through--thanks to you and your generosity in sharing your methods. Six months ago I was in a hospital on suicide watch; today I am actually happy and optimistic about the future. Proof that it is never to late!!"

-Jan 4/25/10

"I went to your website and found your “guided meditation for depression”. The 15 minute one. I laid down with my prayer beads in my hand..just exhausted from all the inner pain and the “trying” to make is stop…and all the eft for “trying to fix it”. And I listened to your guided meditation for 15 minutes.

The inner pain went away. I was kind of stunned! (I meditate daily)... so I felt as if some kind of “inner demon” was tormenting me or something, and it was simply gone and I could breathe and felt I came back to myself. So I played the 15 minute meditation again. I felt like “my self for the first time in days. The pain wasn’t just “shouting at me” nor was it simply “lurking in the background”... lurking to come back….it was gone.

In the middle of the night, I woke a couple times…the high heart rate anxiety was starting to come back... so all I did was simply “remember” the meditation and how it felt to listen…and the uncomfortable feeling went away again!"

"I have a lot of guided meditations of a spiritual nature... Deepak Chopra’s Chakra balancing…different ones by Kelly Howell with brainsync sound tones, I use the Insight CD you recommend… and I listen to them daily... sometimes for 2 hrs in the evening. I have a guided healing meditation that use if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have “just music” if I don’t want “words” ... but I have not had the experience of what I felt just “lift” with your very simple guided meditation!"

"I got the files loaded into iTunes. I listened to parts 1 & 2 on a long car ride. I felt refreshed afterwards. I'm listening to the healing sound file now. It's wonderful. I love the combination of drums and droning. The rhythm is surprisingly at the same speed as the clicking of my wall clock! I look forward to sharing these with my clients!"

"I have NO idea why your guided meditation for depression had such a profound effect on me. (I also have Tibetan bowl CD’s.)"

This Guided Meditation for Depression is a 3-part meditation totaling 62 minutes.

Using this guided meditation is an easy way to experience the benefits of meditation immediately. You don't have to have any experience with meditation in order to experience the positive effects. The following audio is a guided meditation for depression, anxiety and stress.

This 2-part audio file is an easy introductory mindfulness meditation, for any level of experience, even if you've never meditated before. For those with meditation experience, this should very quickly put you in a deeply relaxed and pleasant state. Using head phones will enhance the effect and allow you to get the full benefit and sound quality.

Parts 1 and 2 are each 15 minutes long. My talking is accompanied by the soft drone of a Tibetan singing bowl, and a wooden transverse flute which comes in after a few minutes.

Part 3 - AUM - Healing Sound Meditation

AUM - Healing Sound Meditation - a multi-layered sound meditation that will transport you to even deeper levels of relaxation and stillness. (May be used on its own or added as a 3rd part to the Guided Meditation for Depression Parts 1-2).

Purchase 32-minute AUM - Healing Sound Meditation Here ($15.00)

Purchase All 3 Parts - Full 62-Minute Meditation Here for $20:

Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Part 1 - 15 minutes
Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Part 2 - 15 minutes
AUM - Healing Sound Meditation - Part 3 - 32 minutes

Get the full 62-Minute Guided Meditation for Depression, Anxiety and Stress

AND 2.5 hour Audio Book with your purchase of

Tapping for Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression

A 96-Page guide to lead you out of the darkness of depression and into the light of your own True Self.

Learn to use Meridian Tapping/EFT for your own self-healing from Depression, Anxiety, Trauma and Stress. Step by Step instructions from the basics to the subtle art of getting powerful results quickly, even with complex issues.

Learn More About Tapping for Joy

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To learn more about meditation, please read:

The Foundation of my Guided Meditation for Depression

A Note of Caution:

If you are experiencing active thoughts of suicide, or unrelenting, and overwhelming negative emotions, attempting to sit still and observe your mental process through meditation is NOT advised as it may cause these feelings to intensify. Please seek the immediate help of a licensed therapist or health care practitioner. If you are feeling unsafe, it is always better to do a guided meditation for depression with the direct guidance of a therapist or meditation teacher. for immediate relief of emotional overwhelm. If you are unable to remain safe, please call 1-800-SUICIDE.

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