Guided Imagery

Using the Creative Power of the Mind for Healing

Guided Imagery is a powerful, natural ability that we have, for intentionally influencing our mind and body through the creative power of the mind. Visualization is a magnificent tool that can be developed by anyone.

Similar to Guided Meditation, a guided imagery session involves deep relaxation, sitting or lying with eyes closed, breathing slowly and deeply. But rather than fixing your mind of a single point of awareness in order to move beyond thoughts, you actively visualize an inner world using the power of your imagination.

With a therapist guiding you, it is easier to construct this inner landscape, using all the colors, textures, and elements that you desire. With practice and guidance, the process can develop and expand, beyond just visual images, to include other senses: touch, taste, smell, sound.

Visualization is an extremely versatile means of change. Whether by visualizing your body as radiant and healthy, or visualizing the object of your desire, you begin to attract that reality in the "outside" world.

This is a valuable skill for achieving anything, including better physical health, performance in sports, academics, eliminating social phobia, fear of public speaking. It is an excellent method for expanding the awareness of unlimited possibilities in order to allow better relationships and circumstances into your life.

Guided Visualization is a great practice within itself, or can be used to work with dreams, or to induce lucid dreams (conscious dreaming). These visualization techniques are also very useful when combined with meditation or EFT Tapping.

Hypnosis is very related to guided imagery. In hypnosis, the client relaxes deeply into a state of "trance" which is simply a deep state of relaxation. Once in this state, which is quite pleasant, the client is in full control, but the client has much greater ability to access the imagination and the subconscious.

A typical guided imagery, or hypnosis session usually takes 45-90 minutes. No special skills or preparation are needed and I have never met a person who was not able to access their imagination this way, once they are in a relaxed state. Doing this process with the guidance of an experienced therapist makes it really quite easy to enter this inner world, and it is a pleasant, refreshing and fun experience.

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