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Energy Psychology is sure to be the next wave of science and health in the next 10 years. Resting on the principle truth that we are fundamentally made up of energy, and that indeed all matter in the universe is simply the expression of energy - energy psychology takes healing to a whole new level. Energy healing recognizes that pain and dysfunction - be it psychological or physical - are sustained by a disturbance in one's energetic system. Correcting the underlying energy imbalance allows the whole mind/body system to return to its normal, healthy state.

Mainstream, traditional approaches often fail because they try to fix the physical body without resolving the deeper foundation at the level of energy. A good example is the patient who gets a heart transplant, undergoing intensive preparation, surgery, recovery and expense, only to return to their self-destructive lifestyle and die of another heart-attack a year later. Energy Psychology goes to the root of the problem, not just the superficial, "apparent" cause.

Physical illness is the end stage of an energetic imbalance that may have begun long before any outward signs appeared. Thus healing the energy imbalance, allows the natural healing of the body to take place as nature intended.

Einstein said that problems could not be solved at the same level at which they were created.

Shifting the focus and awareness to the subtle levels of energy and vibration, profound healing can take place both psychologically as well as physically, even for chronic conditions that seemed to be untreatable with conventional methods.

What may have taken years of psychotherapy to resolve, can now sometimes be resolved within hours or minutes.

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Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

ACEP is an international non-profit charitable membership organization founded in 1998 to promote ethically responsible Energy Psychology treatments, and facilitate collaboration among practitioners, researchers and licensing bodies. ACEP now has more than 500 members worldwide, presently divided into six US regions, two Canadian regions, a European region and an Australian/Pacific Rim region. Each region has a regional coordinator.

ACEP provides a common ground for all those who practice any of the Energy Psychology methods to support, learn from, and have fun with one another, and to provide a unified voice in helping the public and professionals to recognize these methods as the treatment breakthroughs we know them to be. One of the ways ACEP enables practitioners of various Energy Psychology methods to learn from and teach one another is through its regularly held regional and international Energy Psychology Conferences.

ACEP also sponsors and reports on Energy Psychology research, maintains a humanitarian aid program called Touch the World, issues regular newsletters, and educates licensing bodies and other professional associations about the clinically responsible use of EP treatments.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the most effective, powerful tool I've found for helping my clients resolve issues rapidly. And it can be easily learned, and self-applied.

I was skeptical about this technique when I first learned about its predecessor TFT (Thought Field Therapy) around 2001. EFT simplifies the process and is quite easy to teach. Since I began using EFT with a few of my therapy clients and with some of my own family, I've gradually come to believe in its amazing power as I've watched the results unfold before my eyes. Now I use EFT with nearly all of my psychotherapy clients and have much deeper and more lasting results than I ever saw with more traditional forms of therapy. Energy Psychology promises to revolutionize the field of psychology and medicine.

EFT involves self-applied tapping with two fingers on various acupressure points on the body while verbalizing the target symptom. What occurs is a sort of balancing and freeing up of energy, allowing the original disturbance (emotion, traumatic memory, or body dysfunction), to be eliminated or neutralized immediately. The success rate with EFT far exceeds that of any other psychological technique I've ever used. Traditional therapy tends to be emotionally painful, and change happens slowly and by small degrees. Even cognitive-behavioral techniques, which can be quite focused and effective, can't compare to the speed with which EFT produces positive change.

Combined with practices such as yoga and meditation deep healing and transformation can occur in an incredibly short time.

Some of the issues that respond well to EFT:

  • Anxiety
  • Compulsive Behavior
  • Addictions
  • Depression
  • Unresolved Emotional Traumas/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Social Anxiety/Fear of Public Speaking
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Chronic Muscle Tension
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Subconscious blocks to abundance
  • blocked creativity
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Blocks to Peak Performance
  • And many more.... EFT can be tried on virtually anything, and it is extremely safe. When in doubt, just be sure to work with a qualified therapist experienced with EFT and the issues you want to work on. Learn more about EFT and Energy Psychology.

“It is more important to know the person who has the disease, than the disease the person has”


"EFT is obvious! So why wasn't it discovered many decades ago?"

"EFT should have been discovered 50 years ago and should be as common today as aspirin. Yet, despite its unmistakable clinical results, it still meets with resistance from certain scientists and from others who cling to conventional methods...." read the full article by Stanford Engineer and EFT originator Gary Craig.

The Alternative Depression Therapy website may serve as a self-help tool, but the use of this information does not constitute a therapist/client relationship and should not serve as a means of self-diagnosis or a substitution for actual psychotherapy. The information on this site is for informational purposes only. This website is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical illness. Please see your doctor if you have any concerns about your health. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression it is advised that you see your doctor or therapist for an evaluation. If you are having active thoughts of suicide please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE.

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