Emergences vs Bipolar

by Micah
(Pensacola FL.)

Recently, I've been reading again on the link between bipolar psychosis and spiritual emergence or spiritual awakenings. I've come across an ample amount of articles and individual stories on the subject. Too often, like 99.9% of the time people that have been diagnosed with bipolar and experience a manic phase with psychosis all experience the same exact experiences almost to the 'T'. From believing that they are Jesus and or have a spiritual mission to save humanity, feeling enlightenment, believing they are special in a Divine aspect, seeing visions, experiencing the supernatural, having super uber intuition, gaining psychic abilities to being an advanced empath. Plus much much more.

I myself suffer from bipolar I with psychosis features, except I don't think of my psychosis as being a sickness, but a profound spiritual experience. I feel much closer to God and all matter in general when I am experiencing mania. Just about all bipolar diagnosed people enjoy being manic because it gives them a sense of a closeness to God and all things; very spiritual. Plus it's such a relief from the other side of the coin, the utterly profound sense of despair (deep depression).

I believe that there are connections between people with bipolar and the many titles for the people brought here to elevate the frequency here on Earth, i.e. Crystal children etc... etc... Hell, I even think there are theories that link children with autism to some of these exceptional beings.

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Mar 09, 2018
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree with you. I was diagnosed as bipolar and my father was bipolar, growing up as a child I spent most of my time wondering if my dad was ok and he was in psych wards for months at a time. I was hospitalized several times, and I had my earliest suicided attempt at age 9. I think that a lot of people do not realize the impact it has on a young person. I think that it because I believe in reincarnation, I see "bipolar" as something different altogether. I feel that the low points and high points could be related to suppressed memories of past lives and when a new person is introduced into our lives, it can trigger us. I do think that some people are more emotionally charged than others but I think that the most brilliant people feel things to the maximum in order to make much needed changes on this planet.

Aug 28, 2017
5 stars
by: Anonymous

I gave you 5 stars.

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