EFT/Meridian Tapping - what do you say?

Can I ask you what you say while tapping?

I thought I heard that you are to repeat 7 times each section, side of hand, head, by the brow, side of eye, under eye, above lip under lip, collar bone, and under the side of the arm.
Each time 7 times. is that true?

If so, what are you to repeat?

Also, I saw somewhere that you tap on the side of your fingers, and roll your eyes. Can you comment on that?

Thank you,

Ben's Answer:

Thanks for your questions about Meridian Tapping/EFT. You don't repeat the words 7 times at each point - you simply tap on yourself about 7 times (average) at each point. Though there is slight variation among tapping practitioners - the most common sequence is:

While tapping the karate chop point (side of hand)

Repeat the Opening Statement 3 times:

"Even though I feel _____, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Then Tapping each point (avg 7 times each):

1. inside end of one eyebrow
2. Outside corner of one eye
3. Under the eye
4. Under the nose
5. Middle of chin, under the lip
6. Under the collar bone, where first rib starts
7. Under the arm, on side of rib cage.
8. Crown of head

(There are more points, including the side of each finger - but these are rarely used - I usually skip them).

(While tapping at each point, simply say a word or phrase to describe the issue you are working on - like "this sad feeling in my chest." Say this, or other related words at each point, while tapping.

The Eye Rolling is another section of the technique called the 9-Gamut Point, or "the Brain Balancer." It is optional, and in most cases it does not add much benefit. I use it only when I'm not getting a good result without it. It's also good for neurological problems. While tapping the back of one hand between the tendons of the ring, and little fingers - you do a series of actions - such as looking down to one side, and then the other, rolling the eyes in a big circle, humming, and counting, etc.

I will have a eBook completed next week on Meridian Tapping for Depression, that will describe all of the tapping process in great detail. I'll also be posting some audio tips for tapping, very soon.

Best wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Meridian Tapping Coach

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