EFT Clinical Consultation

Emotional Freedom Techniques: EFT Clinical Consultation for Licensed Health Professionals

EFT Clinical Consultation provides expert, individualized professional guidance to licensed health professionals interested in integrating EFT (Tapping) into their healing practice.

If you're a licensed health professional and have had some training in EFT, but are hesitant to use it with your patients, this will help you gain confidence and competence in your use of EFT.

If you've had training, but are still feeling confused, overwhelmed, or fuzzy about how to apply the technique to certain client issues - then consultation can help you get the clarity and understanding to use clinical EFT with precision and efficacy.

If you understand the basics of clinical EFT, but don't know how to introduce it to your patients in a way that they will trust and accept, then consultation can give you the deeper understanding and methodology to present this tool to your clients with enthusiasm and authenticity.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you knew you could provide real, immediate, practical and effective treatment that relieves your patients and clients of their pain and suffering, speeds healing, lowers stress, and vastly improves treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction?

If you want to become an expert in the use of this powerful, evidence-based technique, and find a way to blend this process with your existing procedures, then EFT Clinical Consultation is a time-saving, cost-effective, personalized path to getting there.

EFT now has a growing body of solid research behind it (over 120 published peer-reviewed studies so far), including double-blind placebo studies and meta-analyses, showing it's wide range of benefits for issues including anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma/PTSD, stress and more. EFT is among the top 10% of most studied techniques in psychology, and it's uniqueness allows it to be used in various settings by practitioners who are licensed to work on both physical and emotional aspects of care.

EFT Clinical Consultation, can take your practice to a new level with this innovative, popular method, and set you apart from the average practitioner in your field.

Call Ben Schwarcz at 707-326-5566 or schedule an introductory session online to learn more.

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