Earth is "Inside" Heaven

by Elizabeth Rose
(Kansas City, KS USA)

My name is Elizabeth. I have had a series of three major awakenings over the past 17 years. The only information that I had been able to find and relate to up to this last experience were Near Death Experience stories. What I was shown/told on the other side is the same as what the NDEers describe. After each experience I chose to integrate the information and each time my life and health significantly improved.

Towards the end of my last experience, which lasted 17 months, I found the spiritual crisis information. I was never medicated and I never sought any professional help as the guidance that I received throughout the experience assured me that this was a natural and healing process. I have a very supportive family and would not have made it without their help!

I knew that, if I did not allow the process to complete itself, I would have become "stuck" at which ever point of the "unraveling" that I was going through, leaving me with a wide range of possible psychosis, permanently. The process simply "undid" the mental illnesses that I had to create to survive throughout my life time and that is why it seemed to reflect mental illness symptoms as the healing took place.

The final experience has healed my body beyond my wildest dreams including permanent relief from insomnia, eating disorders, and a severe lower back problem (to name a few). I was shown an entirely different way to live and an entirely new belief system to function on which as I have applied these to my life have completely transformed it into one that again, is beyond my wildest dreams! I have had to relearn every thing as I completely lost all reference points and was left with no understanding of this physical world, my body, or how to function and very little memory of my past. I had to take two years off of work to reteach myself, using the guidance that I would continue to receive (and with a new understand of our emotional and physical feed back systems) as my road map. All is well now and I function far better than I had ever expected to function in my lifetime. I have learned to quiet my thoughts and emotions, finding a peace that I did not know was possible. I have rebuilt my life including career, finances, romance, family relationships, health, and an understanding of the world. This process is still ongoing and requires constant attention and dedication but since there is nothing left of my old life or self, I have nothing else to do other than to apply all that I was shown/told on the other side! I now understand that Earth really IS "inside" Heaven.

I would be more than happy to help in anyway that I can to bring a better understanding of this incredible process into the Western culture.

Happily Healed,

Ben's Response:

That's a beautiful description of your journey Elizabeth, and one that I'm sure will bring hope to many people. It sounds like the support system you had as you went through this was an essential part of your success in getting through it in the way that you did.

The meaning that we give to our experience is also such a powerful influence on the outcome. Stories such as yours are a valuable testament to the healing potential within us.

Wishing you the best,

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