Do i have Bipolar?

by alan

I have been getting very high and very low mood swings for a long while now..i am seeing a doctor and i am waiting for results..i get suicidal feelings and then euphoric feelings...all on the sbame day..i am taking 5mg zyprexa ..i am 49 years old..i just want to be prepared IF it is bipolar..thanks for any help.

Ben's Answer:

Hello - Yes what you describe could definitely be bipolar disorder. However at the age of 49 if this is the first time you are experiencing these extreme mood changes, it is equally likely that your symptoms are due to some other issue - such as nutritional deficiency, reaction to toxins, food allergy, thyroid condition, etc. All of these things should be tested by a qualified health professional before assuming that it is "bipolar" and treating as such. Zyprexa often works very quickly in reducing mood swings but if you have an underlying imbalance or other health issue, it may go unrecognized and may even worsen while your "psychiatric" disorder is medicated. Psychiatry generally does not look for causes - only symptoms, and the medications to eliminate or reduce those symptoms.

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