Difficulty in speaking and writing due to depression

by Deepak

Dear All,

I have been enjoying a very good academic and business career along with a good family life. I am aged 36. Since quite some time, I feel some kind of stress building on my mind. I feel like I'm losing some part of my mind. Major trouble is that i get confused too much about decisions now though i had been very much energetic and aggressive. I am touching the lowest confidence in some particular situations to a level that I find myself even unable to write a word if somebody is seeing me directly. Or sometimes, I am not able to speak clearly and stammer. Though i speak fast since my childhood, but now this problem is happening. I just want to remain in a relaxed state so that i can be able to live a normal life and i know i can reach the highest in my career then. Kindly guide me about the solution.

Ben's Answer:

This is not really enough information for me to give a proper response. What you are describing sounds as much like anxiety as it does depression. The two often go hand in hand. I'm curious to know if something happened in your life before you started to experience this stress and anxiety. It's important to recognize if there was something that triggered this, a loss, an emotional experience, or something that reminded you of something traumatic from childhood? Other possibilities could be more organic/physical, in which case a good Ayurvedic doctor might be able to help you come back into a balanced state.

Sometimes a significant life change is needing to take place in order to fulfill our true calling, and the unconscious mind shakes things up to get our attention - forces us to stop what we're doing to look deeper within. Both therapy, and meditation can be a great help in gaining clarity.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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