Diaper Fetish

by Johnny

For about 6 years now I have been doing something that most people think is abnormal. I have tried to stop but I have something driving me to keep doing it. I am not hurting anyone or my self as of yet. but I've lost almost all my friends. The thing I am talking about is wanting to and wearing diapers full time and not for medical problems. Why do I want to wear diapers? What is wrong with me?

Ben's Answer:

The compulsion to wear diapers is what would be called a diaper fetish. Some even use the term "DL" or Diaper-Lover for those with this fetish. For some it has a sexual connection, for others, it is non-sexual. There is some infantile memory or feeling recreated by wearing a diaper that may be pleasurable, even if you are not fully conscious of that. It may be a feeling of security, safety, relief of guilt or responsibility, a feeling that you don't have to worry about losing control. It's likely that at the stage of child development when you were in diapers and potty training - something traumatic occurred - or you simply weren't ready. Now you may be trying to soothe yourself by this old association with that early stage of development.

Many people come to accept this attachment and don't view it as a "disorder" or even a problem. It is a question of your own perception and how disruptive it is to your life. If you have known traumas from early life, I would recommend trying EFT for this. It may be a way to resolve any early life experiences that may be related.

Take Care,

Update 2018

My Best Recommendation for working on issues around shame, guilt, addiction or unwanted attachment to diapers in adulthood, would be Amate Growth Work - a very deep and transformational process that effectively resolves unfinished parts of childhood development so that you can reach a feeling of emotional strength, personal power maturity, and peace. The best expert I know who is highly trained in this area is Eva Malanowski, PsyD. You can learn more about her on her website: DrEvaMalanowski.com

This is a Psychodynamic therapeutic process, that does NOT involve touch. It is a type of inner work that helps you to heal and integrate stuck places in early development. If you are serious about wanting help with this attachment, this would be a worthwhile path to explore.

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Dec 31, 2018
Diapers for First Communion
by: Anonymous

To Faith H and anonymous-Yes,i support you Faith,and as a life long catholic,there really are parishes that require the girls to wear the cloth diaper and plastic pants and under shirt under their communion and confirmation dresses!I have talked to many girls around the country who were required to wear them and others who told me it is a tradition to wear them.In many parishes,the white communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism gown or dress the girls were baptized in as babies,so to represent their purity of their baptisms for their First Communion,the cloth diaper,plastic pants and under shirt is required under the dresses.In some parishes,the white dresses and veils are also worn for confirmation at 16,and the cloth diaper,plastic pants,under shirt and tights are worn under the confirmation dresses for the same reason.

Nov 08, 2018
Couple Thoughts
by: Sarah

Having run into this while looking for info on bedwetting for a friend I thought it an interesting site with info I had never thought about.
For years I was the neighborhood babysitter sitting for a half dozen families and a total of 15 kids. Out of these kids 4 were bedwetters and their wearing nighttime diapers with plastic or rubber pants to bed was a very normal thing like wearing pj's or a nightgown. I had many occasions to get these kids ready for bed which included putting them in their diapers and plastic pants. The kids really never minded the fact that they wore diapers and plastic pants under their regular bedtime wear. They all seemed to consider it part of their bedtime wear. To me at first it was a bit out of the normal to see kids dressed this way being ages 5 - 11 but I soon learned from them that it was not a big deal.
Now after reading this it makes me wonder that by having bedwetters dressed in diapers did we take the first steps in creating future diaper fetishists?
Something that seemed so normal to me and the kids? Makes me wonder.
Also the first communion stories are not true.

Mar 21, 2018
Reply to Faith H
by: Anonymous

You state that it is true that certain parishes do require the wearing of such apparel then if that is the case then please prey name these parishes and whom the priest is ! Tell us we would love to know !.

Mar 20, 2018
Diapers for First Communion
by: Faith H.

To anonymous Dec.19,2017-I am sorry,but it is real! there are parishes that do require the girls to wear a diaper and plastic pants under their communion dresses. I had to when i made my First Communion at age 11.they were required for all of us girls in my class and we had to wear white tights over them.I have talked to other catholic girls who had to wear them also,and at some parishes it is a tradition for the girls to wear them.At my parish and others the communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism gown we were baptized in as babies so the cloth diaper,plastic pants,under shirt,and/or tights represents the purity of our baptisms for our First Communion.I have seen girls as old as 16 making their FC and had the diapers and plastic pants on under their dresses.

Dec 19, 2017
Diaper wearing for first communion and Baptism in Catholic Church
by: Anonymous

It is a total Fallacy and in the minds of the writer
No Priest in the Catholic Church requires any participant in first communion or Baptism to wear a diaper and Plastic pants unless the person has a medical condition that warrants the wearing of such apparel That has come from the Vatican in Rome .
if they do then that priest is not part of the Catholic Church and is breaking the rules of the Catholic church.

Dec 02, 2017
Fetish or OCD
by: Anonymous

I have researched into this phenomonen and have asked people who indulge in wearing Nappies/Diapers and plastic pants.
All those spoken to report that they have an intense urges to wear such apparel and even if they fight against those urgesthey may go away for a whild but will come back even stronger one said That they got rid of all the diapers and plastic pants ans a year or so later something traumatic happened and the urges came back even stronger in which he gave into those urges and bought more diapers and plastic pants.
In conclusion it may be beneficial to find a therapist whe deals with cognitive behaviour therapy or cbt for short and NLT . Someone said they had hypnotherapy but it did not work. But CBT and NLT may work Saying that this phenomenon/fetish/OCD does not hurt anyone and is Not conne ted with Pedophilia!. Those spoken to expressed that they would be the first to report to the athorities if a child was being harmed in any way sexually or other.

Dec 01, 2017
Diaper enjoyment
by: Diaper tim

I enjoy wearing diapers but my wife would like me to be a normal person

Sep 24, 2017
Wearing Diapers Again, does this make me an infant?
by: Kwan Ming

Hi there my Name is Kwan Ming I've been wearing diapers since 2010, due to a sudden onset of problems with my bladder relating to my past disabilities.

I was toilet trained but wasn't completely out of diapers until I reached 5 years of age in 1985,0and until 2010 I only had a interest in wanting to wear them as I had a desire to be back in them again but this wasn't anything serious and it all seemed from years of bullying in which I was a constant victim of verbal, mental and physical abuse.

In March 2010 and completely out of the blue I started having minor accidents at work which only got worse over time at first I dismissed it as a one off but then the shit hit the fan big time and I was left with no other option to go to my doctor's for a consultation and to find out what was causing it, after numerous tests they finally came to the conclusion it was all in my mind something I refuse to accept.

I know this may not have anything to do with a getting although I have been accused of having one by people who don't know me and this hurts because I get teased and bullied something which really depresses me even more, So much so I tried to commit suicide fortunately I was stopped before I could do any real harm to myself.

I am now left with the lingering question does the fact I wear disposable adult diapers make me an infant by that I mean a adult baby?, I know that I certainly wear diapers as a form of protection but does this mean I have regressed somehow to my early childhood and if so is this a good or bad thing?.

I suffer from panic attacks and ptsd and other effects left from being attacked and I know I have so many nightmares of people shouting and screaming at me or trying to kill me and I often wake up in a cold sweat in a overly soiled or sodden diaper is this coming in ptsd or am I alone in this crisis as it's literally driving me crazy to the point where I may have to get professional psychological help.

But I also know when I am in diapers I feel safe and secure and I even enjoy the feeling of padding between my legs and the cool soft plastic outer casting or cover and I often have to listen to infantile nursary rhymes in the form of music to calm me down I don't know again if this markes me out as being a baby, I also have noticed I have been using more diapers than I used to when I was a child although my memories of my childhood only go back as far as 18mths of age in 1981/82.

and yes I have a teddybear and pacifier at home in my bedroom to sooth me although I don't consider myself a AB/DL does anyone have any advice as to what to do because the part about going crazy is really worrying me and I am desperate for any help as Its ruining life.

Please if anyone could help please don't hesitate to get in touch although keep in mind I live in the UK not the USA.

Yours sincerely
Kwan Ming.

Sep 03, 2017
Diapered for my first communion and confirmation
by: Heather N.

To Jenny-I also made my First Holy Communion when i was 14 and my parents went all out for it! I was in the class with the 7 and 8 year olds and my parents required me to wear a poofy,top of the knees,short sleeve,communion dress and veil with the lace anklets and the white patent leather shoes.They told me that to make me like the little girls in my class,i had to wear a thick cloth diaper with blousy fitting 'rubberpants' over it and a white tee shirt under my dress.They found a poofy communion dress and veil in my size and got the lace socks and shoes.Mom got the cloth diapers in the 26x27 in size and the pink diaper pins and sewed the diapers together to make one diaper out of them.She got a pair of white,adult size rubberpants from a website in medium and the tee shirt at Target.The morning of my ceremony,i took my bath,went into my room and was told to sit down on my bed and lay back.She then pinned the diaper on me,pulled the rubberpants up over it,then put my tee shirt and lace socks and shoes on me.Dad came in a helped with my communion dress and then he put the veil on my head!The rubberpants really bloused out over my diaper and crinkled when i walked!I walked down the aisle with the little girls and boys and could hear the rubberpants crinkling under my dress!Two years later at 16,i was confirmed and had to wear a formal floor length white dress and veil with tights and white shoes,and my parents put the diaper and rubberpants on me again under the white tights!

Sep 01, 2017
by: ike varboncoeur

Im want to find other peaple thats into diapersi would like to be admitted to a mentalI hospital wearing diapers im begging anybody to sign me into a mental

Aug 08, 2017
catholic teen girls becomming babies
by: Eric S.

To Brian H.-I thought my parish was the only one that baptized preteen and teen girls as babies and was glad to read about your parish!My parish also does it pretty much the same way yours does.All of the teen girls have to stay in the nursery for the day the saturday before and wear cloth or disposable diapers and plastic pants with tee shirts and use pacifiers and baby bottles and some eat baby food also.After the day is over,they have to wear the diapers and plastic pants saturday evening and then to bed also.On sunday morning,their parents dress them as babys in the required cloth diapers,plastic pants,tee shirt and the white poofy dress,bonnet,lace socks and white shoes.They all have a pacifier attached to their dresses and use it. I have seen lots of the teen girls in the nursery the day before and i think they are so cute and i get horny seeing them.The girls in the 16 and 17 year old range are the hottest and they become more baby like than the 13 to 15 year olds.

Jul 19, 2017
Teen girls in diapers and becomming babies
by: Brian H

I am a 17 year old catholic guy and my parish does baptisms twice a year-in May and October.All girls,from little girls up to age 17,are required to be baptized as babies.The saturday before the baptism mass on sunday,all the girls have to spend 10 hours in the parish nursery regressing back to babies.The parish gives each of the girls a thick cloth diaper and a pair of babyprint plastic pants along with a tee shirt that has to be put on them and worn for the full 10 hours.They use pacifiers,drink from baby bottles,some wear blanket sleepers,and they are fed babyfood.Me and some of my buddies have spied on the girls and it is a real turn on seeing the teen girls becomming babies.Then after the 10 hour session is over the girls are taken home.For the baptismal mass on sunday morning,all of the girls are dressed as babies in the required white,top of the knees,short sleeve baptism gown with a matching bonnet,lace socks and white shoes,and have to wear the diaper,plastic pants and tee shirt under the gown.The girls are considered babies for their baptisms and are treated as such!It is quite a sight seeing the 15 to 17 year old girls dressed as babies and seeing the diaper and plastic pants bulge under their gowns!

Jun 26, 2017
How can something be so wrong when it feels so right
by: Anonymous

I was 4 or 5 when I messed myself and my dad put me in a diaper.. I started experimenting wearing diapers since then until I was about 8 when I stoped.. I didn't think about diapers again until I turned 11 years old .. I was locked out of the house because dad and mom were gone,this was after a school game I went to, and I need to poop really bad .. it was dark out and I was looking for a place to go .. I couldn't hold it anymore and it started coming out into my pants.. I couldn't stop it so I just finished pushing it into my pants. I just finished pooping my pants and my parents came home.my brother laugh at me and ran to tell my parents. I was punished and they put my little brothers diaper on me and ever since then I have wanted to wear diapers .. I have been wearing diapers in secret ever since that day. I feel like I'm obsessed with diapers now because I want to wear them all the time

Jun 21, 2017
I love wearing and seeing diapers !!!
by: Rodney

As far back as I can remember, I always had a strong interest in diapers and plastic pants. Even baby bottles and binkies. In the spring of 1971 after my sixth birthday witch was in March, I got sick and almost died. I had a high fever of 106 degrees Fahrenheit and severe pneumonia and bronchitis. The fever should have left me brain dead or severely damaged but the worst that happened was I started to pee pee and poop my pants and had no warning of the need to go. This happened two to four times a day. By the time kindergarten was over Mommy could not take any more and so she said she was going to put a diaper on me for a shopping trip over to town. She took me to my room where she had diapers already waiting on my bed. Mommy diapered me and I was so excited and embarrassed at the same time. I loved the feeling of them on my body and also the Infantile feeling they gave me. There has never been a greater feeling for me than wearing a diaper and plastic pants. I also wore pampers with a diaper doubler and I just love them too. I was kept in diapers and plastic pants 24/7 365 until I was 11 and a half years old. Once I started puberty I was repotty trained, but it took until I turned 13 for it to work fully. I always loved wearing diapers and feeling special. I never have been Able to stop wearing them and I feel the best in them. I do like bottles and binkies too. To say diaper fetish is an understatement.

Apr 07, 2017
Enough is enough
by: Anonymous

I have read a lot of opinions on those who continue to wear diapers. As a diaper wearer myself which started when I was 9 some people do not understand. But through many years of studying I have come to this conclusion.

There are those who look down on me but it tells me that they are looking for issues in other in order to deal with their own skeletons, things that they have not dealt with in their life.

For the most part I feel people do not understand what struggles a person has gone through. Society considers a person who goes down to the bar and spends their paycheck on alcohol is acceptable. But the truth is it is only opinion. As far as I am concerned opinions are substantial. I give parents kudos for allowing their children to be children and experience life as long as it does not hurt others.

I had a hard time growing up always stealing in order to fulfill my fetish. This has done more harm than good. We need people who understand and will support us in our journey not criticism.

Mar 24, 2017
Diapered flower girl
by: Brittany

My diaper fetish got started when i was 14 and got asked to be the "little" flower girl in my Aunt Karens wedding.My mom was fine with it and thought i would be really cute as a "little girl" for the day.Her and Aunt Karen bought me a cute,white,poofy,short sleeve,midthigh length flower girl dress with a matching headwreath and veil,lace anklets and white "mary jane"shoes.The day of the wedding,mom took me to the church nursery to be dressed in my outfit and brought out a cloth diaper and ruffled rubberpants[plasticpants] and told me Aunt Karen got them for me to wear under my dress.I got undressed,and got into a crib and mom then pinned the diaper on me then put the ruffled rubberpants over it,then the rest of my outfit.After i was all dressed,i was shown to Aunt Karen and her bridesmaids.I walked down the aisle as a "little" girl and every one thought i looked adorable!After the wedding,mom kept the diaper and ruffled rubberpants in my lingerie drawer and they were put on me again under my white confirmation dress amonth later and also for easter and christmas.I am now 18 and love being a baby girl at times and wearing my cloth diapers and rubberpants!

Mar 05, 2017
Humiliation in front of playmates
by: Anonymous

Continuation of my childhood that caused my diaper fetish.

Over time, the other boys stopped tormenting me and things returned to normal, that is except for me. I was now very withdrawn and empty inside. My world was as though an image on a screen and I was just a spectator.

It was over a year until I was once again subjected to diaper discipline. It was near the end of the day at school when I needed to use the bathroom. When I asked the teacher, she said it was almost quiting time and I could wait. When the bell rang, the need seemed gone and all I could think of was getting out of school.

On the long walk home, the need returned only much stronger. I began to panic as I started to run which only made it worst. Fearfully, I couldn't go behind a tree understandably so I grabbed my groin as I ran. By the time I arrived home, I was desperate as I darted through the door. Just as I turned down the hallway to the bathroom, I ran into the foster mother.

Embarrassed at holding myself, I turned away as she approached. "What are you hiding?", she asked, thinking I was sneaking something. Grabbing my arm, she quickly swung me around causing me to lose my grip and I started to wet my pants. I burst into tears as my pants became soaked while she watched. I was terrified as I cried it was an accident.

I was surprised when she calmly told me to go clean up and change my clothes. I was really scared as I returned down stairs. She didn't say a word as I returned outside. The rest of the afternoon remained uneventful and I started to relax. By bedtime, I'd completely forgotten about my accident.

After the other boys had their baths and went to bed, I headed down the hall for mine when the mother opened her door and told me to see her after my bath. Though I thought it strange, I didn't give it much concern as I took my bath and went to her bedroom. Letting me in, she closed the door behind us as I felt a little uneasy but curious as to what she wanted.

"You're to sleep in here tonight.", she said as I looked around bewildered. When I asked where, she pointed across the room at the baby crib and said, "There!". My heart started to beat faster though I was too confused to think. Leading me over to the crib, she ordered me to climb in.

When I stepped on the lowered rail, she stopped me saying it might break under my weight and helped lift me in. Ordering me to lay down on my back, she turned and went over to her bed. I remember feeling strange at being so high off the floor as my head began to swim.

When she returned, she held some diapers over my head and said, "Since you are still having accidents, I guess you must still need these." My heart immediately went into overdrive as I burst into tears begging I wouldn't have anymore accidents. "You'd better settle down and be quiet if you don't want the others to hear you and come in. If you're quiet, no one else needs to know what a baby you are."

Her words terrified me as I tried to quiet down though my tears continued to flow. Laying the diapers down beside me, she grabbed my underpants and slipped them off. Ordering me to raise my bottom, she slipped the diapers under me and once again, pinned me into the shameful garment. Feeling the fabric grow snug about my waist brought back memories of my earlier diapering as I preyed for someone to come and rescue me but no one did.

I watched as she walked out the door leaving me to dwell on my humiliating condition. A short while later she returned holding the baby and folded playpen in her other hand. Laying the baby down beside me, she warned for me to be careful and not hurt her. I watched as she opened the playpen and spread some blankets to make a temporary bed for the baby.

Retrieving the baby, she put her in the pen and again left us alone. Everything seemed surreal as I looked over at the baby and felt I was also a baby like her. My thought were interrupted as the woman returned and handed me a baby bottle of milk. "Here, Drink this and you'd better finish it before I return."

I took the bottle and tried to suck on the nipple but couldn't get any milk as she took it back and fiddled with opening the nipple more. It took a couple of tries but I finally felt the warm milk running down my throat. "Hold it with both hands and don't let me catch you letting go until it is empty.", she threatened as she left.

My head was in a trance like state as I sucked as fast as I could to empty the bottle before she'd returned. For just a minute, I saw an image of myself laying there like a baby sucking on the bottle and actually felt I was really was a baby. Though it felt very strange, it also felt somewhat peaceful and calming.

Thankfully, she didn't return before I'd emptied the bottle and even told me what a good baby I was for finishing it. I was really tired now as I had calmed down and closing my eyes, quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke to an empty room. Even the baby was gone as I sat up and tried to get my bearings. I was both scared of what was going to happen next and of fearing the other kids discovering my condition. I wanted to call the mother but afraid they might also hear.

I don't know how long I waited but it seemed forever as panic slowly grew in my stomach. I could feel the call of nature growing as I became more and more fearful. When it became really strong, I helplessly tried to call for the woman, ever increasing the volume along with fear of the kids hearing.

Desperation drove me to crying louder and louder as I grabbed myself through the diapers. Still no one answered as shear panic took hold and I felt a wet spot forming in the diapers. Grabbing one of the blankets from the crib, I pressed it between my legs as my body surrendered and I once again experienced the warm wetness spreading through my diapers.

Though the shame was intense, so was the relief from cramping as I stopped resisting and just gave in as I let go and accepted my defeat. It was almost as if she had been waiting just outside the door when she came in within minutes of my failing. "What have we here? Have you had another accident?", she snickered with obvious pleasure.

"I thought you told me you weren't going to have anymore accidents. Looks like you should stay in diapers for awhile. At least until you can show me you have stopped having anymore accidents." I pleaded it wasn't my fault. That I had called for help but no one came. Standing silent for a few minutes, she finally said, "Very well. But if you have just one more accident, you'll be in diapers for a week. Is that clear?"

Thankfully, I was never diapered again but several years later, when I had left foster care and lived with my mom, I kept having nightmares of my diaperings and the intense humiliations I felt. The memories stirred strong sexual desires to relive those events and I couldn't resist getting some diapers and with images of the foster mother leaning over me, I would pin myself in them.

This started over sixty years ago and has never weakened in desire or excitement. Though I tried several times to stop, I would always end up in diapers again and again.

Mar 04, 2017
I want to but...
by: Anonymous

I'm a diaper lover since I was 4 but at this age, i was toilet trained, and never wear it again. But since I was 15, this fetish became more strong, and I still live with my parents, so I cannot buy some and the only way to feel that is just watch some abdl videos and it forced me to wait the time when I live alone and buy some packs of diapers. I also had fetishes on farting, wetting, and pooping (although I did it without diapers, but panties are the another way)

Mar 04, 2017
Humiliation in front of playmates
by: Anonymous

Well, I've read all the post and didn't realize this fetish was so common. For most of my life I thought I was sick or mentally crazy for being so obsessed with diapers. In my case I think it is more the shame and humiliation that controls my desires. Possibly the adrenaline is the catalyst behind it that has become the addition. I also know how this all came about.

Being born out of wedlock, my mother had to put me in foster care so she could work to support us. The local family took in several boy boarders and had one child of their own, a daughter about a year older than me.

My first experience with trauma happened when I was six and about to start school the coming fall. It was a warm summer morning and we kids were playing in the back yard when all of a sudden I needed to use the bathroom. Not wanting to stop playing long enough to go inside, I slipped behind a tree to relieve myself.

The younger boy, seeing me, ran inside and told the mother what I'd done. I was immediately called in and asked if what he said was true. I was scared but confessed with pleas I wouldn't do it again. She just calmly told me to get undressed right there in the kitchen. Though confused, I began to remove my clothes as she called the others in and had them line up across the room to watch.

When I stopped out of embarrassment, she said, "I told you to get undressed and that means all of them." I was shaking as I removed my shoes and sock and was down to just my underwear. As I started to lift my t-shirt, I heard her tell her daughter to go and get her a couple of the baby's diapers and some diaper pins. It was at that point I realized her intentions and shear terror swept over me.

She quickly removed my shirt and dragged me to the kitchen table while I screamed and kicked in horror. Lifts nag me up, she forced me onto my back while I kicked wildly and begged for her to stop. Grabbing my underpants, she pulled them down just as her daughter returned and handed her the diapers.

I was kicking so hard, I knocked her glasses off making her angry as she ordered the older boys to come over and hold me down. Laying the diapers on my stomach, she refolded them to fit my larger frame then ordered the boys to lift me up. She then slipped them under me and spread them out having me lowered onto my waiting shame.

Lifting my head with tears eyes, I watched her pull the fabric up between my legs and pulled the first corners together. My head was spinning with humiliation as she fastened them with one of the pins. I looked at the other boys as I felt the diapers grow snug across my stomach. I struggled with all my might but it was hopeless as she told me to settle down if I didn't want to get stuck. The moment the second pin snapped shut, all my resistance stopped and I went numb.

Lifting me to a sitting position, she said, "Since you didn't want to use the bathroom like a big boy, now you don't have to. You can use your diapers as that is what they're for." Y mind was in a trance like state as she lowered me to the floor and stood me facing the others while telling them to call me a baby.

"Stick your thumb in your mouth so everyone can see what a little baby you are.", she demanded as I blindly obeyed. After several minutes of tormented teasing, she told everyone to return outside to play. She then turned to me and said, "You too!" I was terrified by her words as I begged to stay inside. Gratefully, she said, "Very well. Then run along but don't you dare try and remove those diapers until I say you can."

I sat in the living room until she ordered me into the kitchen for lunch. The others were already seated as I entered and immediately saw the baby's highchair pulled up to the table. "Get over here and climb in.", she said with a smile on her face. My whole body went numb as she helped me in and fastened the tray, locking me in my new shame. Being so high up, I felt put on display and couldn't lift my head to look at the others.

I was giving regular food but also given a very large glass of milk with orders I was to finish it before I'd be allowed down. True to her words, I sat there long after the others finished until I'd emptied the glass. It wasn't long before I realized the reason for such a large drink and again needed to use the bathroom. Fearfully, I went to her and asked to use the bathroom only to be told I didn't want to before so now I didn't have to. I could use my diapers. She then told me to run along and not bother her.

I didn't think she wasn't serious and only wanted to scare me as extra punishment as I returned to the living room. The urges grew stronger and stronger until real fear set in and I was folding over with painful cramps. Helplessly, I returned and again begged to use the bathroom only to be reminded that was what the diapers were for. She then warned if I bothered her again, she would send me outside so the neighbors could see what a little baby I was.

Grabbing myself in an attempt to stem the pending shame, I went into the back room crying. I suddenly felt my fingers grow wet. Totally defeated, I released my grip and felt myself wetting my waiting diapers until they were soaked. Bursting into further tears, I felt intense shame as I looked behind me and saw my footprints on the bare linoleum while trying to step on dryer footing.

"What have we here?", she asked as I looked up and saw her standing in the doorway. "Now isn't that better than having to use the bathroom?", she asked with a pleased look. I could only cry while begging to now have the diapers removed. Telling me to wait right there, she left leaving me thinking she was going to get my clothes.

Within minutes, I was called into the next room as I excitedly obeyed. Just as I entered I was again terrified as I saw she had gathered the other children to see what I did. "Get over here and tell everyone what you did.", she snapped. I stared at the floor totally devastated as she told me to say I wet my diapers and that I was a real baby now.

She then told everyone to laugh and point at my diapers while calling me a baby. The tormenting humiliation is beyond any words as I withdrew into myself and the world went dark. Within minutes, I felt my arm yanked as she dragged me to the front entrance and told me to go outside and show everyone what a little baby I really was. Forcing me out onto the sidewalk so passing cars could see my degrading condition, she quickly closed the door.

I stood there, numb and dazed as I tried to cover my front with my hands. It was only a few minutes before she let me back in but the results had been achieved. I was totally dead inside and the world seemed detached and surreal. Again grabbing my arm, she led me over to the playpen while saying I couldn't be running around getting the furniture soiled. "Now sit down and play nicely with the other baby until dinner.", she chuckled. It was obvious she was enjoying my debasement.

The playpen made me feel my world had shrunk to just a few feet as I tried to clear my eyes. Looking over at the baby, I saw she was also just wearing a diaper but hers were dry. Dinner came and went and I was again confined to the playpen for the rest of the evening though the baby wasn't returned. By bedtim, I was so out of it, I couldn't think about anything but this nightmare ending.

After everyone took their baths and went to bed, she told me to go up to my room and she'd be right there. That's when I started feeling my punishment was finally about to end and I began to get excited. Standing just outside my bedroom door, I heard the other boys giggling inside. Seeing the mother coming down the hall, I ducked inside and could feel my heart begin to race in anticipation as she entered. I was puzzled when she walked past me and went straight to my bed that is until I saw her spreading some sort of sheet across my bed.

"Get over here and climb in.", she ordered as I again felt panic. Blindly obeying her, I climbed in while she ordered me to roll over onto my stomach. This also puzzled me until I felt the still damp diapers press against my groin making me ever more aware of how I was dressed. "You can stay in those diapers until morning just to make sure you don't forget what it feels like to not use the bathroom like a big boy.

She then left, turning out the light behind her and leaving me with my thoughts of the days events. Though the darkness brought a level of calm, the boys kept asking if I needed my diapers changed for nearly an hour before going to sleep. Laying there in dark, the day seemed just a bad dream. Reaching down and feeling my damp diapers affirmed it wasn't a nightmare, it was real. They also made me feel as though I was a real baby again and oddly, I kind of found a strange sort of peace in that.

The next morning, I woke to the other boys gathered around my bed laughing. It took a minute before I realized how I was dressed and the humiliation rushed over me again. They kept asking if baby needed changing as I again started to cry. Hearing the mother coming down the hall, they rushed back to their beds just as she entered. After sending them down to breakfast, she asked if I'd learned my lesson. I of course said yes. "Alright then. Come with me so you can get cleaned up."

Removing my diapers and putting them in a diaper pail, she told me to take my bath and I'd have clean clothes waiting in my room when I was done. I was so grateful to have my own clothes back but had to endure the other kids herassments for several weeks. Fortunately, they never told any other kids about my punishment, possibly being threatened with the same treatment if they did.

Feb 25, 2017
The liking for nappies and plastic pants
by: Tom

Having looked into this Nappies /diaper and Plastic pants phenomenon /fetish or whatever you wish to call it or class yourself as a Diaper Lover ? (American terminology)from my research people have reported that it manifested itself around puberty and the urges to wear such apparel become more and more reinforced even though an individual may try to fight off these urges it keeps returning and even stronger, some say to just live with it! for the purpose of this information I writing I am going to call it a Fetish this fetish becomes stronger and stronger thus which makes me think that it may also come under OCD Obsessional Compulsive Disorder! as it becomes an obsession and eventually routine some just wear them and Don't use them for their intended purpose and say it helps them relax and aids a better sleep.Some will wear them and wet them and then change into a dry one!.
Others will go all the way and urinate and defecate in the nappy, but, all those interviewed have said that they have tried to get rid of this fetish but to no avail some have tried Hypnosis some NLP others Behavioral therapy , and some trying just will power but all with No success. so what is the answer well at present there are no instant fixes.perhaps aversion Therapy! who knows!. at present the consensus is that as it is hurting no-one and to coin a phrase if its not broke why fix it!.

Feb 05, 2017
From bedwetter to diaper lover
by: Paul

I was a chronic bed wetter (Primary Enuresis) until late in my teens. I think the first time I ever woke up dry was when I was 17 and I wasn't reliably dry until I was almost 18. When I was 6 and starting school my mother was very frustrated (as was I) about my problem and all the laundry I caused her so she put me back into cloth diapers and rubber pants and said I would have to wear them every night until I stopped wetting the bed. I was horrified and resisted, telling her that "Only babies and sissies wore diapers." I don't believe she meant any harm but her response destroyed whatever fragile self-esteem I had: "Well only babies and sissies wet the bed, so which are you?" I stopped resisting and just let the diapering happen. What made it worse was that I shared a bedroom with my older brother who watched me being diapered every night and he always "snickered" about it, making the humiliation worse.

Fast forward: After I stopped wetting the bed and getting out of diapers I tried to just put it out of my mind and forgive and forget. Then, I think it was in 1998, I came across a reference to a group called "Diaper Pail Friends" and after reading about others who had a diaper fetish getting together it all came back to me. I bought my first pack of adult diapers - Depends I think - and tried one on. Then I tried another and another...and was hooked. DPF had listings of other DL's in my area so I made contact with one and we spent a day together, in diapers, and changing each other when the diapers were too wet to hold any more.

From that day it was "binge and purge" for a few years which I understand is common until, in about 2004 or so I discovered ABDL sites on the Internet. I have worn diapers every night since with only a few exceptions. I purposely drink a lot of Gatorade or other liquid before bed so I will wet at night, though I am usually at least half awake when it happens.

My take on it: During the years I was a chronic bed wetter I had no control over it; it wasn't purposeful and I hated that. When my Mom made me go back into diapers I had no control over that either; and I hated that also. But as I got into my early teen years and began to masturbate - like any teen boy - it was usually while in bed, in my wet diaper. Those two things - sexual stimulation and wet diapers - seemed to have come together somewhere in me and never really went away; they were just suppressed until I found others like me.

The takeaway: My current diaper fetish - wetting only, btw - and my fetish for intentional bed wetting most likely arises from my need to feel in control of what I wasn't in control of as a boy. I've accepted what was imposed on me when I was 6, but now it is my choice, not that of another. I don't know if I ever will - or ever can - put it away. I don't think I will ever want to.

My diaper and bed wetting fetish have never limited my life and I have been successful in business and academia. I have learned over my life that everything that occurs in life falls into one of three categories: Life affirming, life limiting and life neutral.

Things like smoking and excessive drinking are life limiting and if I had those problems I would be strongly motivated to quit. Other things in my life make no real difference one way or another so they are not a problem anyway. But my diaper and wetting fetish have never limited my life, and certainly aren't neutral, so what is left? Life affirming. Again, as said above, it gives me back the control I never felt I had as a little boy or, especially, as a teen. And I like it so am still wearing the wet night diaper I woke up in this morning as I write this. When it is time to go about my business I will take it off, drop it in the trash, take a shower, and then get on with my day. No harm, no foul, and a pleasurable start to my daily routine.

I know, from having researched this fetish in some detail over the years, that there are ABDL's who are terribly conflicted about their fetish and who sometimes feel very critical of themselves for it. I posted this overview of my own situation to present to them what I believe are the three categories of life as I've seen it: If, like me, you find your fetish to be affirming, stop festering over it and enjoy it. It harms no one. If you find it limiting your life, perhaps a counselor can help you find your way to either affirming acceptance - or help you quit. And if it really doesn't affect your life one way or another - go with it without guilt or shame as you will, when you will.

Hope this helps someone.

P. S. - I also found a partner (I'm gay, though I'm not sure that is relevant overall to the issue) who shared both my bed wetting history - he wet the bed until he was about 16 - and who found the same pleasure in wearing and wetting in diapers after he became an adult. We met in an ABDL chat board and moved in together until, sadly, he died a few years ago from an unexpected heart attack. So I will add this: If you find a partner - whether you are gay or straight - who either shares your diaper fetish or who is at least accepting of yours, don't let that one go! Having someone like that in your life goes a long way to resolving your doubts about your fetish...and is in and of itself Life Affirming.

Jan 22, 2017
DO I need help
by: Cloth Diaper man

I love being in cloth diapers and plastic pants. The soft warm diaper feels very pleasurable. I wish I could quit with therapy or learn to live with it and go into diapers full time. I have CP and they make me relax. I am ashamed at times and embarrassed. I am afraid of being discovered. My family knows I don't wear diapers because of the CP. How do I find a therapist or learn to live with diapers full time? I am happiest in diapers, pins, and a T shirt.

Dec 15, 2016
Diaper Lover
by: Anonymous

First of all, I appreciate this article. I never really wanted to join a forum filled with people who adore their fetish. While I love wearing diapers, I feel intense guilt and hate over it at times.

My own experience in being a diaper lover is one I always look back on in confusion. When I was around seven years old, my step mother's son (around 16 years old) would often come into my room in the mornings, lay on top of me and put his hand in my pants. It was very uncomfortable. I honestly can't remember for the life of me the reason why, but I'd use grocery bags, bundle them up under my legs. A couple of times, that detoured him away. Eventually, I assoiciated it with diapers and even after he was gone I continued to do it. I started cutting two wholes in the plastic bags and wearing them. This went on throughout my life and I was only caught once (when I was 9, which was luckily forgoten.)

Since then, I'd used garbage bags and towels to make them feel more realistic. I am 25 now and while I was at college for four years, I bit the bait and bought printed adult diapers. It was perhaps one of the most liberating feelings, although I feel constant shame after each use. For me, wearing diapers has nothing to do with adult baby. It's partly sexual, but it's also comfort. The more I think about it, the more I realize that what hooked me on diapers in the first place was that it'd proven to be a successful way (even though a plastic bag isn't a diaper) to get rid of my morning sexual assault. More than anything, I'd like to get past this and I've gone two years without it before giving in. It comes and goes and whether I like it or not, I doubt I'll ever get past it.

Nov 20, 2016
I got started on diapers at 14
by: Mandi

When i was 14,i had a best friend,Maddy,who was also 14 and a bedwetter and her parents required her to wear cloth pin on diapers and rubberpants[plastic pants]to bed every night.About once a week i would sleep over at maddy's house and would watch as her mom put the diapers and adult size rubberpants on her before bedtime.The one friday night,i was at her house and her mom told me that maddy felt bad being in the diapers and rubberpants and told me that it would her feel better if i wore them also and i thought why not,if it would help her out.So that night at bed time,her mom put the diapers and rubberpants on her then told me i was next.I laid there on maddys bed and she watched as her mom pinned the diapers on me,then put a pair of her nursery print rubberpants on over them.Maddy was happy and felt much better about herself.Both of us talked and then ran around the house being silly.Ater that,when ever i slept at her house or she slept at mine,i wore the diapers and rubberpants for her and my mom was perfectly ok with it.As time went on,i got to liking wearing the diapers and rubberpants and the feeling they gave me of being like a baby.After a while maddy gave me some of her diapers and rubberpants and diaper pins and i started wearing them to bed and on the weekend and for special occasions.Mom and dad were okay with me wearing them as they told me they would keep my mind off of boys and wanting to have sex.Maddy and i continued wearing our diapers and rubberpants for a long time and now at 18 her and i wear our diapers and rubberpants most of the time and love being like babies!

Nov 15, 2016
Diaper wearer wants to stop but cant
by: Anonymous

Im straight female. 32 years old. Started wearing diapers in 2014, now I cant stop. It makes me feel better emotionally. I cant afford diapers but still I buy them, usually every 3-6 months. I wear at night mostly as they help me sleep better. No medical conditions. Part of me still wants to wear diapers but I just cant afford too. I have a new shipment arriving saturday. How can I stop?

Oct 13, 2016
Hoarding Baby pull ups
by: BS detector

We found 4 huge boxes of BABY Pull ups. One huge box of adult diapers in a bedroom occupied by my BF's 27 yr olds son , with a baby bottle. The problem is this...If he had a diaper fetish why would he have so many Baby Pull ups. At 100 pds I could not fit a baby pull up up my skinny leg. So what in anyone's experience do you think he is doing with all these baby pull ups ? Do you think it is something sexual ? Or otherwise ?

Aug 12, 2016
Learning to live with this fetish is not easy.
by: Charles .Q

Hello, my name is Charles. I am 45 years old and still feel deeply compelled to wear Diapers.

I first remember my need to wear diapers when I was 4 yrs old. My parents went on a short vacation for 4 days. And they left my little sister and I in the care of my grandparents. I was afraid and didn't want my parents to leave. But my begging didn't help and reluctantly came to accept it. My grandparents were actually very loving and tried to help make us feel at home. On the first night, my grandma helped get us ready for bed. I remember her first changing my 2 yr old sister's diaper and putting her in a crib. Then my grandma asked me if I still had accidents at night. I remember feeling embarrassed and at the same time I kind of wanted to say yes. I was to scared to say and my grandmother said " Maybe I should wear a diaper just in case". I remember the how special I felt. It was like I was a baby again and I really liked it. I pretended like I didn't really want to wear the diaper, and even felt a little ashamed because I let her think I still wet the bed. That night I wet my diaper and my grandma changed it I the morning. She asked me if I wanted to wear underwear or another diaper, and I didn't know how to say I wanted a diaper. But my grandma seemed to know what I wanted and she put another diaper on me. After that, I wore them until my parents returned.
I remember my Dad asking my Mom why I had a diaper on. I don't remember what she said, but it was not a big deal to her. When we got back home my Dad took me to The bathroom and took off my diaper. He asked me why I was wet. I just said "I don't know." He then told me I was a big boy and didn't need a diaper. And that was the beginning of my desire to wear diapers.

The next time I wore a diaper was when my Mom had put one on me when I was 7 as a punishment for teasing my sister. She said if I acted like a baby then she was going to treat me like one. I was extremely embarressed and scared to be seen by my Dad and sister. My sister was delighted when she found out. And when my Dad got home, she ran to tell him. My Dad just laughed and asked my Mom why I was wearing a diaper. She said I was being punished for being a brat to my sister. My Dad said it probably wasn't a good way to punish me. Shortly after that, my Mom let me off the hook. I was humiliated and at the same time I secretly wished I could wear a diaper all the time.
When I was a few years older I started to steal diapers from my little brothers room to wear in secret in a storage shed in our backyard. I would pretend that I was being forced to wear them and I started to tie myself up with rope. I never understood why I wanted to be tied up, or why I wanted to be put back in diapers. I just knew it felt so exciting and made me feel good. But I had a deep sense of guilt and knew I shouldn't like diapers. I was afraid that I was turning into a freak, and was careful to hide my evidence well. I continued playing with diapers off and on until my mom finally found some of my homemade diapers (which I made from towels and garbage bags for plastic pants. I was around 12 yrs old and my mom really freaked out. She spanked me with a belt and hard. I was rolling around on the floor and trying to avoid being hit. She was furious and hit me everywhere she could. I was terrified, ashamed and I thought my life was over. My Mom was screaming she was going to put me in foster care because I was sick. That day I decided to run away, I was so confused, full of despair and I felt like nobody loved me anymore. I took some food and my sleeping bag and I snuck out of the house, intending to never return. I only made it about a half-mile from home. We lived on a huge farm and I had a spot on the hill behind our house were I played in the dirt. It was a little bowl-shaped depression that was out of sight from the house. After dark my parents went out looking for me driving by slowly and yelling my name. After about a half-hour I began to feel guilty for letting them look when I was just out of sight. After they went home I slowly walked back. I was scared to go inside but eventually I did. My Mom seemed happy to see me and she lectured me about my "habit" as she called it. I just wanted to forget about it and agreed to not play with diapers again.
I really had meant it when I said I wouldn't do it again. But soon I found I couldn't stop. The craving I felt was so strong, it made me feel like I was so messed up in the head. I thought I had to be the only one in the world who would want to wear diapers. I believe that my shame and fear really affected my self-esteem as a teenager. I had no clue what was going on until I was around 17. I was trying desperately to find any reference to my condition in the behavioral Heath section of our public library. And then I found a book by John Money called "Lovemaps". In it there was a paragraph about paraphilias and it had a case sample with a guy who had a diaper fetish. I cannot remember verbatim the details. But I felt a huge relief that at least one other person had the same affliction. After that day I redoubled my efforts to understand myself.
Fast forward to the present and I still continue my research, and have found much more on the internet than I ever could have hoped to find. I now understand that I may never fully understand why I love diapers. I just wish I could talk to someone about it and know that I am ok.
I want to thank you for this page, it helps to read about others who know what it feels like to struggle with this. It means so much to me!
You have my sincerest gratitude for your efforts!
Thank you, Charles Q.

Jul 23, 2016
How my diaper fetish started
by: Clarice A.

I was an only child and when i was 12,my parents were killed in a car accident and with no other relatives to care for me,i was put in an orphange.Finially,two years later,just past my 14th birthday,i was adopted by loving catholic parents.Since i had been having wetting accidents in the orphange,I was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants the very first night in my new home and was told i would be wearing them 24/7.So it began,i wore the cloth diapers and "rubberpants" with a tee shirt during the daytime and when i wet,i was changed just like a baby.My diapers were pinned on me with regular baby diaper pins and my rubberpants were in adult sizes,in pastels and babyprints.Three months later,my parents baptized and christened me as a baby and dressed me in a white,poofy,baby style,midthigh length dress with a bonnet,lace socks and white shoes and i had ruffled rubberpants over my diapers and had a pacifier in my mouth.for holidays and special occasions,i had cute little girl style dresses that i wore.I got to liking wearing the cloth diapers and rubberpants and being like a baby,i continued on wearing them past 16 and wore just the rubberpants to school under my uniform skirt.I am now age 22 and still hooked on cloth diapers and rubberpants and wear them just about every day.

Jul 16, 2016
Diapered for my First Communion
by: jenny

I finially made my First Communion at age 13 in the class with the 7 year olds.The morning of the ceremony,after my bath,my parents put a size 7 pampers cruiser diaper on me,then put a pair of loose fitting 'rubberpants'[plastic pants] on over the pampers,then a white tee shirt followed by my lace socks shoes,poofy comminion dress and veil.they told me that the diaper and rubberpants were to add to my feeling of purity and innocence.The next year when i was 14,i was confirmed and they put another pampers and the rubberpants on me again under my required white confirmation dress.They then had me wear the pampers and rubberpants under my easter dress and then when dad and i went to my purity ball that june i wore a baby pink floor length dress and had the pampers and rubberpants under it.My parents had me wear the pampers and rubberpants for christmas,weddings etc.up untill i was 16.

Jul 12, 2016
I've worn diper since I was out of them!
by: Anonymous

I'm 47, diaper fetish, mainly DL, a bit AB and a good spanking over the knees, yes, why not.

I always thought to be alone like that, but tks to Internet, I know I'm not the only one, far from it. And seeing all these "abnormal" behaviors or desirs or fetishes, not just ABDL makes you feel more "normal".

My wife came to accept them, loves me very much, but will not put me into diaper herself.

Ok, I know her limits and accept them. I love her, she loves me and we've been married for 25 yrs now. My diaper is very important to me, she knows, but I can have a "normal" sex life too.

I'm happy, we're happy, let's not make life too complicated...
Good luck to all ABDL...

Jun 28, 2016
Diaper lovers
by: Anonymous

I wear diapers 24/7 I wet the bed every night I love
This diapers are my new underwear best ever
I would love to be incontinent
I do leak in the morning

Jun 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

Before reading this page I liked to wear diapers (sometimes) and want to completely rid myself of this have any recommendations?? [ ALSO msg to other parents: you shouldn't humiliate your child]

Apr 22, 2016
Um, what?
by: Anon-A-Mouse

There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers. Im autistic so I just thought it was another one of my obsessive interests. I doubt that it is linked to any kind of depression but maybe could make you feel better if you are depressed and have a diaper fetishish. It does not hurt anyone and is usually safe unlike drugs and other things. Just be yourself and feel free to act on healthy feelings insted of suppressing them because that is usually not really good to do.

Feb 15, 2016
I am a DL
by: Anonymous

I started to steal diapers shortly after my niece was born and the one day my mom found out and and literally stabbed me with a knife and posted things on Facebook which got me cyber bullied and now I try to commit suicide on a daily bases.

It's horrible that you've experienced that kind of abuse. This is something that you could report to child protective services. Please talk to an adult that you trust and get some support. You can also get support by calling the
National Suicide Hot Line: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

Jan 23, 2016
i wear a diaper
by: bill

Is wearing an adult diaper indicative of some sort of depression. I've used adult diapers for what seems to be my entire adult life. I've never sensed depression, then again I've rarely felt elation. So, I dont attribute my emotional state to a wet or dry diaper.

Although I'm not an expert on DL I can tell you that this is not indicative of depression.

Jan 12, 2016
Why a boy becomes a Diaper Lover
by: Jason

Why a boy becomes a Diaper Lover
Hi I wrote this post for parents and their sons to understand why they like diapers.
Hope it helps.
DL /TB is the acronym for Diaper Lover/ Teen Baby.
I remember reading years ago that DL/TB is a fetish. Keep an open mind here it is. But it is developed when the child is young. I remembered them being as young as five. After talking with another parent I went back and read over again the information and found it is earlier than that. Much earlier in fact it is in infancy.
First DL is a sexual fetish a TB is a Paraphilia. STOP! Do not be frightened by these two words they are both harmless. Paraphilia is just a derivative of the fetish. In other words a TB is a DL first. The important thing to keep in mind here is that the more you know about why your child is a DL/TB the better parent you will be. Most importantly you need to keep in mind this is not your child's choice. Yes you have questions, do you really think your child does not. He is the one who has to live with it and understand this is a lifelong thing and the more you know the more you can both help each other.
Read carefully: Psychological Origins and Development and especially about the Transitional Object and Behaviorism. Keep in mind when they are referring to the term sexual here they are talking about mind development not an act. And, understand that the "Transitional object’ is the diaper and that the ‘Behaviorism’ is the changing of that diaper.
Early psychology assumed that fetishism either is being conditioned or imprinted or the result of a strong emotional (possibly traumatic) or physical experience. Often, these experiences occurred in early childhood. For example, an individual who has been physically abused could either have a sexual obsession with intercourse, or they could be completely terrified by even the idea of being touched. Physical factors like genetic disposition are another common possible explanation. In the following, the most important theories are presented in chronological order:
Alfred Binet suspected fetishism was the pathological result of associations. Accidentally simultaneous presentation of a sexual stimulus and an inanimate object, he argued, led to the object being permanently connected to sexual arousal.
In 1951, Donald Winnicott presented his theory of transitional objects and phenomena, according to which childish actions like thumb sucking and objects like cuddly toys are the source of manifold adult behavior, amongst many others fetishism.[8]
The use of a transitional object in infancy is a healthy experience (Winnicott, 1953). To understand the origin of a fetish object and of fetishism, the infant’s use of the transitional object and of transitional phenomena in general must be studied (Winnicott, 1953).
In his article ‘Transitional objects and phenomena’, Winnicott says about fetish: "Fetish can be described in terms of a persistence of a specific object or type of object dating from infantile experience in the transitional field, linked with the delusion of a maternal phallus" (Winnicott, 1953). In other words, a specific object or type of object, dating from an experience during the period where the mother gradually pulls back as an immediate provider of satisfaction of the child’s desires, persists as a characteristic in adult sexual life.
Before this transitional phase, the child believes that his own wish creates the object of his desire (specifically the qualities of his mother that fulfill his needs), which brings with it a sense of satisfaction. During this phase the child gradually adapts to the (frustrating) realization that the object cannot be controlled to serve the child's needs.
The transitional object is always the result of a gratifying relationship with the mother, specifically with the maternal body. It stands for the satisfying qualities that the object (the mother/ father) of the first relationship the child has. The child adapts to the impact of the realization that the mother is not always there to ‘bring the world to him’ through fantasizing about the object of his desire while using an object (a teddy bear, a piece of cloth). He creates an illusion of the previous object. In relation to the transitional object the infant passes from (magical) omnipotent control to control by manipulation (involving muscle eroticism and co-ordination pleasure).
In opposition to this, the fetish represents the impossibility of pleasure with the body of the mother or the paternal body in the case of females. Fetishism, although less abundant in occurrence in the female psyche, or of a different nature, is not the monopoly of men. The transitional object may eventually develop into a fetish object and so persist as a characteristic of the adult sexual life (Winnicott, 1953). Normally, the child gains from the experience of frustration during the transitional phase, although the infant can be disturbed by a close adaptation to need that is continued too long or is not allowed its natural decrease.

What I’m reading here is that as the mother begins to pull away from total care of the child then the child begins to look at the repeated contact with the (piece of cloth aka the diaper) as the continuation of that bond. And that the repeated changing of the diaper only strengthens that bond. Keep in mind that once this occurs it never goes away. It also seems there is a window of opportunity where this takes place. Which would explain why there are not a lot of kids who are DLs.
What I am also seeing here is that the bond between that mother and that child is so inseparable that any mother who has a child who is a DL has to be crazy to think there is something wrong with their child.
This is just the way I read it.
There is a lot of information online that can help with any fears that you have that your child has a problem they do not.
What I'm saying is there are many parents who get mad when they find out their child likes diapers especially boys. I am trying to explain the reason why that liking comes about. I have worn for many years I do not mind them now but I am not a DL.
In the defense of the child who is and it is not every boy but for those boys who are DLs any parent who gets mad at that child is wrong.
If you read the information I posted it seems very self explanatory if you read it several times.
Or I think it is. At least this is how I read it.
"First it happens in infancy that the baby develops the fetish".
Keep in mind this is not a bad thing many people have a fetish and they are very normal people.
Secondly it happens when the mother begins to break away from caring for the baby's every need and allows the baby to begin to explore on its own in other words allowing the baby to crawl and explore its surroundings. This happens when the baby is only months old.
This is actually a very important part of a baby's development. But there are some babies who want to cling to the mother's bond longer and tend to do so for a period of time until they do eventually begin the exploratory process. These babies therefore develop the fetish or the transitional object as it is called, that being the "teddy bear" or the "piece of cloth aka the diaper" as a continuation of the motherly bond. Not all babies cling to this bond so strongly it is only those that do who develop in this case the diaper fetish or become the DL. This explains why not all boys are DLs.
The fact is these babies are just as normal as any other baby they just are trying to cling to the motherly bond a little longer. That being said that is why any mother who has a boy who is a DL really has nothing to fear he just wanted to keep close to his mother a little longer when he was a baby.
Thirdly when the baby had contact with the mother when this transition took place any time his diaper was changed it only strengthened the fetish that much more. In other words he identified the diaper and the diaper changing as a way of continuing the bond with the mother. The fact that people look at the changing of the baby as a time of bonding is actually stronger than some might think.
I am in no way trying to find fault with nor promoting the fact that some boys are DLs and yes it can possibly lie dormant for years. Or in many cases a child can keep it a secret for many years. Fighting with confusion strife and thinking there is something really wrong with them. When in reality they are just as normal as any other child. Where, one child chooses a teddy bear another a blankie and the other a (piece of cloth aka a diaper.)
What I'm saying here is that parents who are not aware of this fact need to learn to understand why it happens and accept it, "Because it will never go away". They need to understand it is developed through a sense of love and a sense of need a sense of security in infancy.
To go just a slight bit further if the parent does find this out that their child is a DL there are pros and cons on how to deal with it. The fact is a diaper is just a different kind of underwear. I am one who sees no harm in allowing the child to wear diapers in moderation. From what I've read about trying to stop it can lead to much worse problems. A good parent will weigh the situation and make the right choice.
When thinking about this just a slight bit further some babies cling to a blanket a teddy bear or some other transitional object as a form of security when the mother is not around or in sight, as a way of maintaining that bond. What better object would there be in reality than the diaper what other item would the mother have more contact with than a diaper. If you ask me that’s a pretty smart little baby. Consider this too how many little kids do you see carrying a blanket or teddy bear around long after they are out of diapers. There are even many girls especially, who have stuffed animals well into their teens and even into adulthood. But no one thinks anything about that. Interesting isn’t it?

Dec 12, 2015
un a wet diaper
by: Anonymous

I wear diapers. I have done so ror many years. Frequently I wet myself. I suppose I find confort in that. I started seriously using a diaper roughly ten years ago. That really doesn't present a problem. Or the problem is that it's way off the grid.

Dec 09, 2015
I am not too sure if I have one or not...
by: Anonymous

I don't know if I have a diaper fetish. Every now and then, I get strong urges to wear a diaper. The more I think about it, the stronger the urge gets, especially if I need to use the restroom (i end up using the restroom about 1-10 minutes after the urge begins) and I'm thinking about wearing them.

You had said something about early life connections, well, I was in pull-ups until the age of four due to training problems on my part. My mindset was "if i can't nail it the first time, why do it?" so I never really tried using the restroom. I only tried to use the restroom (during my memory line) at the age of 5 for the first time. Halfway there, I wet myself in the brand new underpants my parents decided to give me for my birthday that year. Back then, lucky me, they decided to not put me back in diapers because very soon I would be starting school in Kindergarten, and if they did my life would be different.

When I was four, sometimes I would purposefully urinate/defecate in my pull-ups, maybe just to tick off my parents but I couldn't think logically back then. My fifth birthday was also when I got a new bed and Kingdom Heart(s, don't know though.) for my DS.

Would love to know if I have a fetish or not.

Nov 26, 2015
i need advice
by: Anonymous

I am 16 years old and I have had a sexual attraction to diapers since I was 6. I was raped, beat up, and even bullied at school from the age 5 to age 11 because of my step dad. I have always been depressed. I used to steal diapers from my sister so I could use them. The only way someone found out is because they saw them hidden when they went in my room. At age 11 I got put in a group home and been in one since. I have ordered diaper samples so I could have some but it only added up to eleven diapers. I still have those urges and I can't tell anyone for fear of getting bullied again. I need help. What do I do?

Ben's Response:
It's important to know that you are not alone in having this attachment to diapers. Many people with this fetish, seem to first develop this intense desire to wear diapers sometime in their early childhood, around age 5 or 6, while some may begin later. People of all ages can have this fetish. Some learn to let it go, while some do not. Many accept it and don't consider it a problem. Some people use diapers all the time, while others just use them occasionally. Find others that understand. I realize it may not be safe to tell just anyone.

There are therapists who specialize in sexuality who may have more expertise in this area. What I do know is that most people seem to report that simply fighting against, or suppressing this desire can make the desire stronger. As with any fixation, fetish, addiction or desire, if you simply deny the desire, or if you shame yourself for having a desire, it does not free you from it, but actually binds you more to it. So being kind to yourself, seeking understanding, and acceptance of yourself and your feelings is extremely important.

Take Care,

Nov 20, 2015
I do
by: Anonymous

I also wear 24/7/365 I have been a bed wetter my whole life. I would have a panic attack if I was not. I have a weak bladder. My mother use to ridicule me for wanting to wear diapers. I was sick of wetting my bed I was always told I would "Grow out of it" Well no it just got worse! I can't go anywhere not diapered I don't have a choice any more. I wouldn't say I'm Not a AB/DL but I get it! finding someone to share your life with gets a little harder to find. I don't really have many friends and I don't go out much, I get really bad migraines as well. Not all things women look for in a man! Some time I don't like my life but this is what I was given. Anyone that doesn't like you for you is not your problem! That's how I look at it!

Aug 28, 2015
to ben(
by: Anonymous

I just want to know one thing does this make me gay because I love pussy I'm 22 and I do Have a thing for diaper. To me its fun to put on a diaper and run around just little bit I wouldn't actually use it except For every now and again is there anything you tell me to help me Ben.

Ben's Response:
Just to be clear, I'm not an expert in diaper fetishes. This thread attracts a lot of comments, so it's obviously a pretty common fetish. But I can tell you that it has nothing to do with being gay.


Aug 06, 2015
Diaper Fetish was not cured
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to add to my comments here. The two months I spent in diapers did not resolve my diaper fetish. It did horrify me at first because mother always seem to pick the most inopportune time to perform my diaper changing. Many times we would have family or friends visiting. Very much to my dismay mother would round the corner carrying diaper changing supplies. No matter how hard I would protest it was of no use. I was only 8 years old and mother was quite intent on showing diapers were not fun.
My nightmares are always about being out shopping at Safeway where mother often took me in just diapers shoes and a t-shirt. Now at 48 years of age I still am in counselling.

Aug 03, 2015
My Mother wanted to cure my diaper fetish as well.
by: Anonymous

I know the pain and humiliation the 14 year old went through being diapered by his mother and her friends. I was pinching diapers from family and friends and wearing them at night. Mother found out simply by finding used diapers in the garbage.

Mother confronted me and asked about the diapers and where they were coming from. I was honest and told her I liked to wear them. She was not happy about how I came by them and scolded me for steeling.

A couple of days later after the school year ended I came home to a large box sitting in my bedroom. I will never forget the writing on that box Kendal Juvenile Extra. Mother followed me into my room and proceeded to strip and diaper me in the biggest diapers I had ever seen. Unlike my stolen baby diapers these fit me perfectly. Mother followed my diaper with a special t-shirt that snapped up tight in the crotch.

There you go young man or should I say baby as Mother pulled me to my feet. You like diaper fine you are back in diapers. And by the way under no uncertain terms do you remove your diapers. I will be taking full care of your diapers. Do you understand?

Mother was of her words I was full time back in diapers. Around the house t shirts and diapers and on the street t shirts sweat pants and diapers. I spent the entire summer in diapers and I too suffered the humiliation of being diaper changed like a baby by relatives and Mother's girlfriends.

That had to be the worst time of my life and today I still have the odd bad dream about being in diapers. It only took a couple of days for my diapered condition to make the rounds of the neighbourhood and the teasing and remarks pointed at me carried on for years. I was even grabbed by a bunch of kids at the local park and stripped down to just my diapers. I ended up walking home in just my diapers they ran off with my clothes.

By the time school in the fall started I was allowed to go back to my big boy underwear and leave the diapers behind. Still my reputation was in tatters for the rest of the time I attended that school. Luckily Mother was assigned to a different hospital across town and we moved. My diaper reputation was left behind thank god.

Jul 17, 2015
Shame shame shame
by: Shawn

Hello I am 40 and for the last three years ive been in diapers 24/7. Everyone that knows me knows im in diapers. I in the past have always had a fetish for themeven as a kid. Heres some back ground I think it had something to do with it.
I was severley abused as a child, my stepfathers beat me and several times had to watch my mother be beaten as well.
She just didnt have the courage to leave
And when she did the new men in her life
Would do the same thing to me and
Her. Then I had a stepfather who was
In the navy came home one day
And one of his ship mates courced
Me at 6 to come to his house, I trusted himbecause he was freinds with my stepdad
And my mother. Next I found him fondleing me touching me and said I will kill ya if
You ever speak of this make me give him a blowjob and do things to him that were revolting. When he was done I went home.
I finally told my mother and she told a freind of hers who was on the same ship as
My stepfather and well I was told
He never made it back home.
The diaper thing comes from being
Happy at my grandparents and my mom left us for awhile fir a new man and she dropped me and my sister off and grandma and grandpas. Grandpa was determined he was gonna teach mom a lesson and called children services. I remember holding on to his leg a five and this lady pulls up into the driveway and startes to yank me away from him. After screeming to stay she loaded me and my sister up and took us away. We finally arrived at this place in orlando that was from the very beginning cruel. Everyone there slept in cribs and ate sloppy meals. I remember I was fully potty trained and had obe day to go real bad webt to the bathroom it was locked someone was in there, I asked please can you hurry I have to go to the bathroom she said ok I waited several min and finally peed my self and to my horror she came out and made fun of me for peeing my pants she said if I did it again she would put me back in diapers.needless to say three
Days later I was wearing diapers.
So see this is where I believe it came from. Now I was 38 started to get sick tremors, loss of memory,left leg weakness, wetting the bed, and numbness between my legs, seveare light headedness, speach issues, back feeling like electric shocks down back and boom found myself really because of incontinance of bladder and bowles in diapers.things got better but three years later I am still in diapers.
Been to several docs and they cant figure this out so they went with psychological
For this. I fight daily trying to accept this and I do accept but I feel shameful and feel I cant live a normal life stressing over im not a man anymore or im a baby because I wear diapers, doctors have shunned me made me feel like crap with the way they handle it when they see me in a diaper. My wife is very understanding and costently tells me just because your in diapers dosnt mean your not a man anymore. But it wears me out constant ly worryingdoes someone see my diaper? Fear of ridicule and public shame.
Any advice you could give would be great its not offten I share my feelings or.shame with people on the internet I am just wore out thanks shawn

Jun 25, 2015
Help with my diaper fetish from Mom.
by: Anonymous

My mother took your advise and did apologise for my diaper humiliation.To be held down and diapered like a baby by her friends was very traumatic and I will have that memory for life.I spent an entire week back in diapers using them like a child or baby. You can't believe the humiliation of using your diaper and then being diaper changed by your mother. In answer to your question I was fourteen when this happened.
As for my fetish I still have it and do still wear diapers when ever possible. Since mother has left me well supplied with diapers and plastic pants I am going to use them. I have one question, why when people find out these little secrets (diaper Fetish) why do they think the need to cure or fix them?

Ben's reply:
I'm glad to hear your mom apologized for traumatizing you this way. I think having a diaper fetish is only a problem if you yourself feel it is a problem. People should be free to be who they are and live as they please as long as it does not hurt anyone else. Some people with diaper fetishes experience a lot of shame, isolation and avoidance of relationships because of it, and for them, it may be a burden, while others have come to peace about it.

Wishing you the best,

Jun 23, 2015
If you like to wear diapers let us help you?
by: Anonymous

My son was wearing diapers on the sly and at night when we had all gone to bed. Harmless as it was I thought a little diaper experience was in order. I bought adult sized cloth diapers and plastic pants even those big colourful diaper pins. I waited for Saturday night when a few of my girlfriends were over. I called my son out to the living room and presented him his new diapers. With the help of my friends he was quite easily subdued and thickly diapered in just minutes. Much to his complaints we informed him that he was back in diapers full time and the bathrooms were totally out of bounds. With many tantrums and stormy sessions over the next week my son was back in diapers. I even made him hang his freshly washed diapers and plastic pants out on the clothes line.
Cruel somewhat but the following Saturday the sentence was commuted and he returned to adult underwear. I left him with all of the diapers and plastic pants I had bought. He still wears diapers on the sly but much more carefully in private.

Ben's reply:

Shaming your son this way cannot possibly lead to anything good. I do not claim to be an expert on diaper fetishes, but what you did is clearly abusive, infantalizing and degrading. And he still wears diapers "on the sly" as you say... only he does a better job of hiding it. I don't know how old your son is, but this would be emotionally abusive at any age. I understand that you may have been trying to help him let go of his attachment to diapers, but this is not the way to do it. Please find a more compassionate way to support your son in being a confident, secure man. Shaming only creates more shame - and often rage. If you don't want to contribute to a legacy of shame and anger, please consider starting with a sincere apology to your son for what you and your friends did.

May 08, 2015
my view point
by: MrBill

I live on disability cause trauma and stress a kid. I had a curiosity with diapers at a very young age. At 30 y/o I experimented and found cohort wearing them. Going through therapy and being active in it. Wearing helps with my stress disorder, make me feel more self confident and secure. I know not every therapist or psychiatrist will be open minded to see as a therapy rather than an affliction. In about every case I've read about on line or heard in chat there's always a emotional situation that occurred in early childhood. Some psychologists have thought it maybe a emotional reflex and crave the first intimate object us guys encounter (I am guy there for can only speak on the behalf of such) it's also one first imprints we connect with in life. For some it can be a reset it an emotion security of an earlier stage in life. There's nothing wrong with that, you tend to adopt these feeling cause of the emotional gratification granted from the experience hence the drive to wear. Like when you need sleep you desire rest. Well being in diapers is granting an emotional fulfillment that otherwise is absent from being without diapers.

Dec 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

I recently reconnected with a gentleman I met in my early 30's that shocked me with his diaper fetish after being sexual. Since reconnecting after almost 40 yrs later we can now talk about it. He has gotten rid of the diapers, and now wears padded men's underwear for being incontinet ( dribbling ).He under went two yrs of couseling , but the desire is still there at age 68. I told him yesterday after all these yrs with the hiding of his Fetish, he now must wear padded underwear for wetting. So his dream has kinda come true and can come out of the closet to himself. It's No body's business. I'm 65 and and we are dating and with aging, have a better understand , back in my 30's I ran the other direction. He told me, it started after returning from Nam and being in the Narines. He loved the service, but was shot...
My thought now, is we are past sex, enjoy each other's company and that's what matters. My heart goes out to those with the mental struggle. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nov 27, 2014
crying out to be a baby
by: richard



Aug 17, 2014
Diapered process
by: Blake

I grew up waking up to a wet diaper til about age twelve when I forced myself to not use them bc it followed me to school. Without parental permission my 7th grade history teacher pulled me aside and said she had something to help me so I ended up naked and shaved and diapered in her closet wearing frilly panties and sucking a binky. Then one day I had woken up at like four am and changed my wet diaper and ending up rushing to school still diapered. I had a headache due to a book falling off a teachers shelf so I got sent to the nurses office who was an idiot when instead of looking at the note for why I was in the office ended up seeing I was wearing a diaper since I forgot to zip my zipper and ended up making me get naked in the bathroom and played with my winky and when I said something he blurted oh I'm just rubbing baby oil me and put me in an extremely thick and nosy diaper. Funny he ended up taking off his pants and I found he had a gay diaper obsession and assumed I did but didn't give me a chance to tell him no and since I was always horny due to going through puberty he took advantage of that and decided he would try and park his rather large penis inside me. Two days later he blackmailed me with a picture he took and I had to suck his dick and then let him fuck me. This is actually honest. Nobody that I told believed me but yet I had his semen all over my mouth and shirt And in my diaper and I somehow had a bleeding butt from no lube penitration. My parents actually called me a liar and for punishment for "lying" they made me wear diapers 24/7 for a week reporting to the abusive nurse who in that week ended up forcing me and another female student that wore diapers to have sexual intercourse but yet now that I'm 22 and I choose to wear diapers and always smell like a freshly diapered baby my dad says I'm a freak and that it's completely my fault. Hmm

Jan 16, 2014
I too have this problem
by: Capricornus

I'm right there with ya buddy . Just recently my girlfriend let me wear them to bed. But now I feel that it has a gravitational pull to her change me and regress more . We are constantly trying to come up with a solution to this . It isn't easy . And man it sucks cause every time someone comes over I have to keep them secretly hidden in the closet somewhere where no one would even think to look. We just recently got into an argument about this strange topic and I seriously don't know what to do !
Part of me wants to just forget them like I have in the past but like you said earlier it's a great stress reliever and makes me feel free. I just can't seem to get away from this monstrosity. If anyone has any advice please contact me at capricornus08@yahoo.com

I really need it

Jan 15, 2014
Keep up the fight
by: BgAnonymous

A very hard thing to overcome. Diapers can have a tremendous pull on people and has nothing to do with children. See a therapist and pray. All the best.

Nov 27, 2013
To Thine On Self Be True
by: Penname Sue

If your friends can't stand it, don't tell them.
It's none of their business if it is only your private business. But having to tell them makes public what may best be left private.
All the commentary seen is that psychotherapy does not help a diaper fetish. But psychotherapy may help, a lot, with other issues such as isolation, depression, learned helplessness, and feeling like you're the only one. You're not the only one, but recreational diaper wearing is a secret closeted activity precisely because it is socially unacceptable. Best estimate to date is there are 30,000 AB/DLs in the US, which would be about 250 for a major city such as Atlanta, Georgia, which has the same population as Norway of around five million. Even transsexuals are many times more numerous than AB/DLs.
There is nothing wrong with having a good orgasm except all the control freaks out there can't stand your independence from their rules. Having this fetish may make you unacceptable to political and religious conservatives. If you can't make friends any other way, find a church on the internet near you that is "open and affirming" and just go. Not for the religeon, but for the sense of being part of a community. There is a YouTube on "why people don't come to church" which is both fun and makes this message another way. Hobby clubs, Dale Carnegie courses, and civic groups as Kiwanis, Lyons, Rotary, and Jaycees are good too, but you need a community that just accepts you without demanding anything in particular.
On the plus side, your fetish relieves stress. A recent study suggests having more than 3 orgasms a week may reduce the risk of heart attacks.
Why anyone has a diaper fetish is their own private history. Stress is frequently mentioned, but everyone else has stress too, so that isn't enough of an explanation. All the stories read about childhood trauma could also have been dreams during the night reporting as a pun on some other event just before that dream.
Celebrate life! To thine own self be true. Give onto yourself what you enjoy, but also give unto the world your participation in the wider community.
Hope this helps. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

Jun 30, 2011
Clinical data on treatment
by: Anonymous

I'm interested in the fact that the therapist is so keen to recommend therapy and methods, as well as predicting a positive outcome.
From my reading and research there is no actual consensus on treatment or data or even anecdotal (one person's experience) accounts that prove results.
It seems to me before putting forward such broad statements that you should back them up.
I doubt you will respond with clinical data, or really any indication of studies in the area.

And to the gentleman with the diaper fetish, my advice, based on suffering with the fetish, is first to realize you are not alone. The second thing is to realize that it is absolutely not your fault, as most experience these desires from early childhood on.

Good luck, and maybe with open scientific reasoning and analytic exploration by the therapeutic community some causes and solutions may be found.

The first step is communication.

Ben's response:

I agree, communication is the most important thing. As for analytic exploration...I've never seen that relieve much human suffering.

Dec 25, 2009
similar experience
by: Caleb (wisconsin)

Johny, I understand. I just turned 40 and have battled the diaper fetish since a young boy. I believe it stems from emotional scars of being yelled at for wetting the bed as a boy and feeling helpless. I body would not wake me up to urinate and I was humiliated. I remember training myself to wake up as often as I could just so I would not fall deeply asleep. I don't sleep through the night to this day. I just opened my soul to my wife (about those early years) and she believes this is the root of my poor sleep. She encouraged me to buy some adult diapers to regain that sense of security I never had. It's my first week. Unbelieveable sensations are flooding back into my memory. Good luck!

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