by JD

I took alot of psychadelics and i had what is called ego, and a few month later i took an X and experience it again, after feeling the happiest ive ever been, i started to come down and had the worst experience of dejavu, everything seemed like ive been here before and i whatever i did i couldnt get the feeling out of my head. i moved out of my house and when i did i felt like ive moved out before and i started to have "anxiety attacks". i thought i was gonna be fired at work so i started working harder, i got a raise but i still felt like even the raise has happened before and that it was only a reason for my employer to give me a drug test, so i stopped doing drugs and started to feel better, but i still lived in house that other people did and i started freaking out again and told my parents that i was going to move back, but my friends were saying that this has never happened before and that ive never moved out before, so i ask my parents and they said the same thing. but i started having this feeling that i told everyone after i moved out last time that i was going to try and move back in at a later day and to tell me that ive never moved out before so i would stay and actually move on with my life. my friend then brought this idea up to me and i cant shake the feeling that even this post im typing right now has happened before.

any ideas?

Ben's Answer:

First thing - stop using drugs. Whatever positive experiences you may have had in the past with drugs like ecstacy or LSD or others, you have now gone beyond the stage of recreation and mind expansion, and have entered the realm of psychosis and paranoia. Dejavu can be a fascinating subject, and can bring up questions about the reality of time and space, but most people have moments of this - they don't stay in that state. The fear that this evokes in you is not a a healthy or useful thing.

Drugs activate the mind, rather than helping you to move beyond the mind/ego. So all the thoughts and questions and confusion about reality and time and being here before is only another mind-trip that will lead to nowhere but more mental chatter. This is a recipe for ongoing suffering.

Stop using substances. Get in your body, get grounded, be outside in a natural place whenever possible and connect with the earth. Meditate in moderation -but don't overdo it. Eat healthy, warm foods. Don't take your thoughts seriously. Get in touch with sensations more than thoughts.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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Jan 04, 2012
Pandora's Box
by: MsMesuggah

I agree with Ben...STOP opening up Pandora's box ! You are just inviting BAD trouble in your life by using illicit drugs as well as ANY kind of Rx'd drugs for recreational purposes.
Hope you get to feeling that you are living in the here and now again ! Take care !


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