Crack Cocaine and Bipolar

by Joseph L.
(venice ca usa)

I have major depression and bi polar disorder. I find that when i smoke crack cocaine my depression goes away and since ive been smoking crack i havent had a bipolar episode (going on 6 years). Is crack my wonder drug and or am i just a disillusioned crackhead.

Ben's Answer:

Any drug, including prescription medications, unnaturally alters your brain chemistry and when you're lucky, can produce a desired result. But this is Russian Roulette. I would wonder if you really do have a true Bipolar Diagnosis, or maybe rather have Attention Deficit Disorder. Stimulants are often given for ADD, and some people w/ADD feel calmer and more focused when they use cocaine. Most people don't feel depressed while using crack or other stimulant drugs, but are likely to crash into a deep depression when they stop. And with chronic use, the likelihood of those negative consequences usually increases.

So be kind to yourself. But yes, you may be disillusioned about this. There are better options.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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