Cant keep eye contact with my family

by Bebik

I went to America for my further study. When i returned to my home i find it difficult to talk with my mother and sister with eye contact. When i try to make eye contact with them, i get lost...and next thing is i get nervous when they continuously look at me. Is it normal and does anyone have similar experiences? Now i feel like i am depressed. Sorry i don't have a good English.

Ben's Answer:

I am wondering if there is something that you are feeling guilty or ashamed of. Maybe something about your experience of leaving your home, coming to America. If there is something going on subconsciously, some thought that you are now somehow different or cannot reveal all of your true self to your family, that might make it hard to keep eye contact. Eyes are the windows of the soul. Once you identify what it is you don't want your family to see in you, I think you will find that this problem will disappear. Just remember, self-love and self-acceptance are absolutely necessary if you are to be at peace. Radical self-acceptance means accepting everything in yourself. Who you really are in the present moment has nothing to do with the past or with the thoughts in your head. Just be yourself.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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