Can my therapist report me to the DMV?

by david rivera
(greenville, n.c.)

Can my therapist have the authorization to report my license to the DMV because of epilepsy?

Ben's Answer:
I don't know the law in North Carolina regarding these matters, but in California, this would not be allowed because of therapist-patient confidentiality; here, the only reasons to break that confidentiality would be for imminent threat of harm to yourself or a threat of harm to a specific other person, or child/elder abuse situations; Epilepsy is not an imminent threat of intended harm, nor is it a threat towards a specific person. However, I do believe that medical doctors do have an exemption from this law and may make reports to the DMV if they feel that your condition puts you at risk behind the wheel.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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