Can a Childhood Trauma Cause Bipolar Disorder?

by mary
(san antonio texas)

Can you get bipolar due to you going through a horrible tragedy as a child and never finding peace with your self?

Ben's Answer:

Yes and No. Bipolar Disorder seems to be a neurological issue, and it tends to run in families - so there is a genetic influence. However, this is not the only reason for Bipolar symptoms to emerge. Almost always, there are other factors that influence it and trigger it. Often it begins with a trauma. Could be emotional or physical trauma. Past abuse. Drug addiction. A traumatic loss of a loved one. An intense period of stress. Poor or inadequate nutrition. Exposure to toxins - or even an inappropriately prescribed Antidepressant medication. Any of these things (and more) can start the Bipolar pattern, and it can lead to a chronic, long term illness. Without effective treatment, each time one has a manic episode, it leaves you more vulnerable to having another, and another.

When it begins with a childhood trauma, it is likely that if indeed you have true Bipolar Disorder, you may also have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Getting the right help for the PTSD often alleviates the Bipolar symptoms greatly, and makes it much easier to deal with.

Psychotherapy with a highly competent therapist would be a good idea. And EFT for trauma would be one of the best choices of methods - both on your own as well as with a therapist who is trained in using EFT. (There is info about EFT on this site).

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz

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