Breaking Apart Inside

When in therapy and things get difficult i feel like I break apart inside, into many pieces, I bring myself back together by focusing on the repetitive pattern in my therapists carpet, what is wrong with me?

Ben's Answer:

Have you told your therapist that you have this experience in sessions? If I was your therapist, I would want to know this, and be able to see when it is happening. What you describe may be what some call fragmentation -- basically, you become too overwhelmed by emotion or by conflicting thoughts, or scary thoughts emerging from your subconscious, and you temporarily lose yourself (your sense of solid ego-identity). This feeling of "breaking apart inside" can be terrifying, but handled in the right way, with a therapist you trust, and who understands what is happening, it could be an opportunity to let go, face this deep fear or losing yourself, and transform into a more conscious, stronger, and wiser person. But your therapist would have to see it this way in order for you to feel safe going through this.

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Take Care,

Ben Schwarcz

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