by sharon

I am under a psychiatrist for manic depression who as put me on lamotragine for mood swings. Does this mean that i have bipolar? I've now done 2 online tests with high scores so i have the symptoms. My psychiatrist I'm due to see in a month, and I've started to make a chart of my ups and downs and moods.

Ben's Reply:

You should know that bipolar disorder is very often misdiagnosed. That is, sometimes bipolar is diagnosed when the real issue is something else. while other times people are treated for depression or anxiety or OCD or trauma or ADHD when the real issue is bipolar. Even when a "correct" diagnosis of bipolar disorder is made, this does not usually take into account the factors that triggered the disorder, nor does traditional psychiatry usually address those underlying issues, be they nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, trauma-related triggers, substance induced bipolar, etc.

But having said all that, if a psychiatrist puts you on lamotragine, then most likely he is treating you for bipolar disorder (which is just another name for manic depression). Taking online tests may be further support for that diagnosis and you might want to share those results with your doctor.

I would encourage anyone facing a diagnosis of bipolar disorder to get lab testing done for deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, allergies, as well as thyroid function, and hormone levels. A Naturopathic Doctor or Osteopath is often a good choice to do these kinds of tests. For some people, finding, and eliminating the underlying cause provides a far better outcome then just treating symptoms.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz

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