Bipolar Treatment : Vitamin D for Vegetarians/Vegans (D2)

by Mindy
(phoenix, az, usa)

There is something in the alternative treatment that says to take Vitamin D3 (derived from Animals) , 5000 IU per day. However, I am a vegan and do not consume any animal products and avoid medicines even with lactose (as vegans don't consume milk either--moreso that I am lactose intolerant and throw up when I have milk with cramps & bloading). Can I substitute that in for Vitamin D2, which is derived from the sun, and the plants?

Ben's Answer:

Vitamin D3 supplements are made from lanolin derived from sheep's wool (not from the dead animal). But if you find this still at odds with your dietary preferences, then the best source would be direct sunlight exposure; It is D3 (not D2) that is naturally produced in the skin when exposed to sunlight. According the vitamin D council which I consider an excellent source of information on vitamin D and groundbreaking research on it's many health benefits -- some individuals take 20,000 or more IUs of D3 (for serious illnesses), with no toxic effects, while taking a large dose of D2 would definitely cause toxicity and would be dangerous to your health. D3 is far safer. So do not substitute with D2. Just get more sun (taking precautions to moderate your exposure time, so you don't burn).

For more information, visit:
Vitamin D Council

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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