Bipolar Supplements: What to Take?

I'm trying natural lithium
b-12, b6
nutritional yeast
omega 3
Is it ok to take them all together?

Ben's Answer:

I can't give you any specific advice on combinations of supplements to take. This might help one person who takes it, and another person might become manic on this combination of supplements. (The same inconsistencies are true for pharmaceuticals as well).

SAM-e has a fairly powerful anti-depressant effect, and 5-HTP has a similar effect; The two together might pose a higher risk of triggering mania.

It is always best to work directly with a doctor, naturopath, nutritionist or other health care professional with expertise in this area (and expertise in Bipolar Disorder), and who knows you and can follow your progress closely.

Often more does not mean better, so know yourself, monitor your own changes (using a mood chart is a very good idea), have a good safety plan, and a good support system that knows what you are doing with your self-care program.

Being in psychotherapy and/or a Bipolar support group is also extremely valuable as a way to get accurate feedback about how you are doing from week to week.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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