Bipolar Medication Side Effects

by Joshua
(Cedarville, MI)

I just started taking Seroquel XR 5 days ago and my inner elbows are so sore Its hard for me to shovel or rake. Should i stop taking my medicine??

Ben's Answer:

Joshua -- all psychiatric medications have potential side effects - sometimes quite unpleasant ones. They affect everyone differently. I've never heard of this side effect, but it's very possible that others have experienced similar symptoms.

I'm not a medical doctor, so I don't have the authority to advise you on how, or if, you take your medication. The first thing to do is consult with the doctor that prescribed the Seroquel to you and discuss your concerns. There are many possible medications for treating Bipolar, besides Seroquel and there may be other meds that would not cause you to have these kinds of side effects.

If you ever have a very severe or frightening reaction to a medication you should go to your nearest emergency room, rather than wait to talk to your doctor. It's always better to play it safe.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT
Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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