Bipolar help in Orange County

Hello. I found your informative sight through a general search. My friend suffers greatly from bi-polar depression. He has tremendous anxiety and physical pain throughout his body. He has great difficulty functioning in day-to-day tasks. He does not have insurance and has no finances to pay for help. He has been in and out of state-run hospitals and says he'd rather be homeless than go back to one as he says they are half a step up from jail. He went to the Orange County Mental Health Agency in Mission Viejo, where a doctor rushed him in and out, prescribed medication which did not work, and never returned repeated phone calls from him, from myself, or from a third friend. Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.


Ben's Answer:
Hi Annette -
Your friend is in a very difficult situation, as it is extremely hard to get good treatment for bipolar disorder without money - especially outside the system (which is usually substandard treatment anyway). One of the most valuable aspects of treatment is a good bipolar support group of motivated people on a path of recovery; but that can be hard to find - and is often not free.

There are tips and ideas on my website for staying balanced - supplements to take, dark therapy, light therapy, etc; I strongly recommend EFT -- a powerful technique that he can learn to use on himself for many issues, including physical pain and anxiety. (I have an ebook on EFT for Depression if you're interested).

There is also a very promising alternative approach to getting out of depression or mania - that works for some people: See research on Interhemispheric Switching by Jack Pettigrew of Austrlia.

He might also try to find a psychotherapist that is willing to see him for little or no cost - as many therapists offer this to a limited number of clients, and this is also more likely available in a counseling clinic (private - not county run).

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

Santa Rosa Psychotherapist

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