Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms

Bipolar Red Flags, Warning Signs and Clues

Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms, are sometimes obvious - but not always.

I prefer to look at Bipolar Disorder as an energy management issue, rather than a "mood disorder" or a chronic mental illness. There are many people who have died from the effects of their bipolar mood episodes, and many who have lost everything. But there are also many who walk the fine line and stay in balance, not only surviving, but thriving with Bipolar Disorder.

The important thing is not to delude yourself when there is a problem.

If your not sure, here are some typical bipolar disorder signs and symptoms:

  • You just went out and bought a new Lexus, but you can't afford to pay your rent.
  • You fall instantly in love, and get married on the spur of the moment when you feel great, and then after the honeymoon, you wake up in bed next to your new spouse feeling completely depressed and worthless, and you get a divorce.
  • You are the second coming of Jesus Christ. (And nobody else is).
  • It is your job to save the entire planet from the forces of evil.
  • All the traffic lights turn green for you when you are in a hurry. And you are able drive as fast as you please, with no negative consequences.
  • You sometimes feel so full of energy that you dance and shout for joy as you walk down the street, and you can go for days like this with only a couple hours of sleep each night.
  • You can't stop talking.
  • Everybody who comes anywhere near you seems to find you irresistible and amazing.
  • You are so emotionally connected, that you cry bitterly when you see someone in pain, and you start fights when you see someone being hostile or aggressive, and you rejoice when you see someone who is happy. You are not able to filter out other people's emotions, and everything affects you deeply.
  • Your mind wont stop racing. Your thoughts are intense, and constant.
  • You have distinct period of time when you become unusually intense, bold and fearless. Bipolar Disorder signs and symptoms might only be obvious to the people around you, and you might feel perfectly fine while going through a bout of mania. But for most people, even in a blissfully high state of mania, there is a feeling of discomfort and a feeling of being out of control or feeling exhausted but unable to turn off the energy. At it's extreme and if left unchecked, this state can intensify further, causing a lot of bad decisions, and making a huge mess of your life, or can burn out your nervous system and leave you exhausted and depressed.
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