Bipolar Disorder Quiz

The Bipolar Disorder Quiz is a starting point for figuring out your symptoms.

  • Are you having unexplainable mood swings?
  • Sudden feelings of rage or tearfulness?
  • Racing thoughts that won't stop?
  • Are you unable to sleep?
  • Laughing one minute, crying the next?

Any of these symptoms can be an indication of Bipolar Disorder, but there may be other causes. Take the Bipolar Disorder Quiz to get a clearer picture of your symptoms and behavior. This is a first step to understanding yourself.

Bipolar Disorder Quiz:

Please answer the following questions (Yes or No).

I. I have had at least one episode in my life of feeling unusually high energy, and during that period....

◦ It was not due to caffeine, energy-drinks, amphetamines, cocaine, ecstacy or any other drug.

◦ I went more than one night in a row, with 4 hours or less of sleep per night, and I still had high energy the next day and didn't feel tired at all.

◦ I felt unusually powerful, smart, sexy, creative, intuitive, psychic or important.

◦ I heard voices, saw things or people that others could not see, or felt paranoid/fearful or delusional (believing that you are being watched, followed, under surveillance by the police, FBI, CIA, etc, or having bizarre beliefs that later didn't seem to make much logical sense).

◦ I saw symbols everywhere, and saw meaningful connections constantly, seeing meaning in the songs that came on the radio, the coincidences that seemed to happen, the signs on the road and other apparently unrelated phenomena.

◦ I spent money impulsively, or spent money I didn't really have, on things I really didn't need.

◦ During that time I said or did something that I later regretted, or that got me into trouble.

II. I have a biological relative who has been treated for Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depression), or Depression.

III. At least once in my life, I felt unusually depressed, sad, or tearful every day, all day, for at least one full week.

  • If you answered YES to 2 or more questions for number I.

  • Or if you answered YES to one or more questions for number I, and also YES for Questions II and III.

  • Or if you answered YES to Questions II and III only --
There is enough reason to warrant further evaluation. Please take the next step in the Bipolar Disorder Quiz: (The Bipolar Test)

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