Bipolar and Paranoia

"Are irrational fears that people don't like me due to my bipolar?"

Ben's Answer:

If you suffer from bipolar disorder -- then these irrational fears can be a part of the distortion of thinking that come with changes in mood. If you feel this all the time - when you're up, and down and in between, then it is probably not due the bipolar, but rather a separate issue of low self-esteem and social anxiety. Bipolar disorder can amplify those negative thoughts and feelings. It may be worst when your depressed, but some people get more paranoid when they're on the manic side.

Doing some therapy work on those underlying issues can be very helpful to your overall mood stability. With Bipolar disorder it is also important to work with both mind and body, using whatever works to balance your moods - nutrition, stress management, sleep, exercise, supplements, Meridian Tapping, meditation, and possibly including medication as well.

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