Becoming the Messiah

by Julie Skaf
(California, USA)

I was sitting at a table on my back patio studying many different religous beliefs around the world. I was currently reading about the Torah and Judaism when I heard the Athan or call to prayer for Islams. We have this software on our computer that plays the Athan 5 times a day. I opened the slider door to find that the Athan was not playing and I asked my husband if the Athan was on and he said "No". When I told him I heard it loud and clear he said it was good luck. This was the begining of my journey into another level of conciousness. I began reading about conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 and while watching David Icke talk about the Illuminati a rare experience occured. It was like a flash of light and I was suddenly able to know all things and speak all languages, it was absolute bliss, intense, and ended in about a few seconds. I craved that light of knowledge and was left confused and bewildered as to what had just happened to me. After this I went through a period of needing very little sleep and meditating for hours at a time. I saw beatiful scenes in my meditations and one time hear the waterful rushing that I saw. I realized the state of affairs that this world was in and became upset over the wars being fought. Life seem to becom one big race and my thoughts began to race and my speech became very rapid as I changed the subject continuously.
One day after meditating on allowing God to enter my mind and energy running up my spine and out the top of my head. It seemed as though my mind split open and my awareness expanded. I heard a very loud voice speak to me and I asked "Who are you?", the voice replied, "GOD!" I fell to my knees and shook my head, it couldn't be. This is impossible! Hearing a voice in my head was also impossible. Not sure what to think I asked, "Who am I?" the voice answered, "Jesus" Again I shook my head in disbelief that I could be anyone so great. I went into my bathroom and hen I looked in the mirror I saw an image overlaying my face that was of a man resembling Jesus. This creeped me out at first and I wondered why I was seeing and hearing things. The voice continued to speak to me as I went outside and gave me another vision. I saw the earth and it was all on fire like the sun a large fireball. I cried and shouted for it not to be true. The voice said it didn't have to happen and that I could help, but I must be willing to sacrifice myself to save the worl. I said, Why would I help theses people after what they did?" I argued and struggled with the thought and decided to save the world under one condition. As long as I could be with my true love in the afterlife. The voice left me with two guardians who told me I would write a great book when I'm in my 40's. When I walked down the street and saw the birds in the tree I was able to communicate with them. They could understand my thoughts and began helping me on my journey. The animals are part of Gods kingdom and the kingdom had arrived. The animals were psychic and there were many spirits good and bad. I began to see shadows and was informed not to be afraid of te dark ones since they too are part of the creation.

I felt a great sense of fear and paranoia that people were after me because they know who I am and they would try to kil me. I knew that there was a group of people that would shelter me and protect me since they knew who I was. I knew this was an emergency and I must go to the hospital and they would be there waiting for me. When my husband came home I made a scene and begged him to take me to the hospital. He did not comply and later my mother took me to the doctors whom told me to go to the hospital. I went to the hospital and they asked me questions and asked if I would like to join them voluntarily. I thought I was going to join their staff as a healer and said yes. The next thing I know they were giving me medication and I was put in a locked down facility. When I ate their food I had the ability of sensing if there were chemicals or unhealthy ingredients in the food and would not eat the tainted items. I would add up numbers and each number and color had a significant meaning. I chose my wardrobe according to what I wanted to say with the color.
After they let me out and I went home and my entire world was upside down. It was difficult to return to work knowing what I know knew. I knew there was more to this world than meets the eye and there is a part of us the is pure spirit and conciousness. We have the ability to tap into ancient knowledge and a silent form of communication. There is no such thing as a coincidence it is already written. I soon became very depressed in my life and felt out of place. I was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar with Psychosis. I feel they misdiagnosed me and that I had a spiritual experience that was a roller coaster. At any rate I have stayedon the medication and was hospitalised again 2 years later for having another "manic" episode. The second time was also very spiritual in nature and I felt a sense of timelessness and experienced 3 other spirits within me. I was taught by these spirits that they can enter people but not control them. They taught me many things, but according to this society it's all non-sense and I'm just crazy. Sometime I long for another manic episode since I felt so powerful and in tune with the subtle side of this material world. I just don't want to go to the hospital again. I wish there was a safe place for me when I experience these different levels of conciousness or when I go nuts. I still don't fully understand what happened to me and why it happend. Furthermore I am not sure about what to do with the experience. It has been 2 years since I have had an episode. We shall see what the future holds.

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Jun 27, 2012
I feel sorry for the Christ
by: Adam Ember

I also had an experience similar to this. My episode was a mix of the Jesus/messiah thing, plus the God/Goddess creator and Destroyer, plus the Truman show thing all at once. I was shown mind blowing insights to the nature of the cosmic dark vs. light battle that occurs on every plain of material existence and the every level of consciousness, aside from the highest, unified level of consciousness, which is the enlightenment. "We are one. We are God"

I was under the delusion that the entire world was viewing my life and judging me and learning from me. Some wanted me dead, others believed i was the Christ returned and were trying to protect me.

I wont go into too much detail but I find the similarities to be very curious. I often wonder if there is a higher reason for it, or not?
Like there is an external, cosmic, healing, loving, parental force(God) that periodically graces our planet with its presence as a way of helping us reach a planetary Apotheosis to save us from our destructive, selfish nature, by incarnating as one of us. But instead of being born as one of us, it is something attained later in life. An "immaculate conception". Our hearts and minds become impregnated with with the seed of God. But it is a energetically overwhelming experience which causes a lot of confusion as well as a sense of almighty powers.

Oct 02, 2011
Is the 2nd coming through us?
by: Anonymous

When I was 'manic' I too knew I was the messiah. I knew that the second coming was happening through the transformation of men and that I was becoming like jesus. That everyone could become like christ, but that it was happening to me. I too could sense chemicals and impurities in the food. I too knew that if people found out I was the messiah that I would be killed and that it was a sacrifice I had to make to serve gods purpose, but it was my own free will. I was deathly afraid. I did not tell anyone. I also was charged with writing a book. It was a book with instructions for how to build heaven on earth, but I could not do it alone. I needed the support of my twin flame and the knowledge and wisdom of many contributors. I think it's crazy how many similarities there are in our stories.

Sep 08, 2011
I saw Jesus in the mirror too
by: Anonymous

Your experiences sound very similar to mine. Included in mine were several spirit beings, and Jesus (superimposed over the mirror) instructing me that although many end up martyrs he died so I don't have to. However, the narrow path between the dark and the light is difficult and I suffer from paranoia that I too will be killed for my knowledge. The birds, insects, all creatures of the earth synchronistically teach me their secrets. I watch the spider pray. I feel the deer get sleepy. I hear inner voices of instruction teaching me ancient wisdom of the sages. I have inner visions and downloads of the creation of the universe and the beginning and end of time. I have seen the end of the world, which phase we are entering now, the phase of judgement. I see rays of enlightenment raining down upon many as the time increases exponentially. I hope this enlightening knowledge is gripped by our world and not dismissed entirely as insanity, before we really do judge ourselves into war pollution and destruction. I pray for the golden age to come, to stay off the horrible destruction that is looming in the collective psyche of us who can tap into it. No longer need the wold stone it's prophets, instead it labels them as crazy and drugs them or puts them away. I've seen a vision where the shamans are freed from the prison of western psychiatric paradigms, and I hope that the western mind gets the therapy it needs to make this vision a reality and stop suppressing it's spiritual channels.

Apr 08, 2011
To Claude A
by: Holly

Hello, Claude - a little disclaimer. If you were offended in any way by my post, I apologize, for I did not mean to say that "Jesus" or Hebrew scripture or any scripture for that matter, are untrue things. In fact, I said that god has no name, and all names. If the divine is beyond words, who is so unwise as to attempt to give it a name, or pompous and ignorant enough to announce that one religion understands it more than another, or that one scripture or one point of view understands it more than another? Religion itself, sometimes, is a healthy mechanism to keeping one's sanity, but religious fanaticism is surely a symptom of mental illness, NOT the cure. To be certain of any truth IS madness. To perscribe religious fanaticism to a person whose mania was caused by it just plain irresponsible.

Apr 07, 2011
Being Is Not Understanding; Truth Is Beyond Being
by: ClaudeA

How little we humans understand about Truth! since we see something named as truth change with new discoveries, or simply over time and human more changes, we assume "Truth" is a relevant sort of thing.

But, Truth that is immune to human manipulation does exist, we just allow our ego to deny that it exists!

Having trust in the collective "truth" of a group, or in a special, magical experience of "truth," is the main cause for humans to be drawn away from factual Truth. Our trusted group or experience changes, has new concepts added, or simply dies for lack of continuing interest. These, therefore, cannot be Truth. Truth is above human interference, interaction, and all human control. It also defies change and manipulation by unseen forces. Only one manifestation of Truth therefore, exists, and it is the unchanging Living Word of Creator, as originally recorded in Hebrew Scripture. Deny this, and one is faced with that same Living Word as a witness to such denial, during life, and after life.

Hebrew Scripture is enduring Truth. False, pretender scriptures all change and fade over time, as the Qur'an and the Kabbalah, and a host of other pretend scriptures have shown us.

The Messiah is One Who is apart from humanity, yet so in love with humans that He forfeited His Kingdom to illustrate eternal Truth for us to Know Life. Deny this? You've got to be kidding!

Nov 03, 2010
Mania is NOT a healthy road to god
by: Holly

The same thing happened to me! Instead of Jesus though, I thought the Creator Goddess had entered my body. The Goddess also used my "true love" as a way to manipulate me. Instead of being told that the world would burn if I didn't save it, I was told the world would flood. Now, think about that for a second: do these things sound like "a higher state" to you? Do these things smack of spiritual clarity and awareness? NO! They don't. Perhaps, in that confused, open state, we can get flashes of true insight, but it is predominately delirium. It's like the third eye is half open in mania, and spirituality is being distorted by the ego. Yes, we are all God. We feel the God within us more strongly during an episode, but we don't know how to deal with it, and we misinterpret the feelings. We try and assign an identity to this god-self, like a figure such as Jesus.

It is interesting that you mentioned that total moron, David Icke. He is clearly out of his mind, and his writings have triggered mania in many, many people. Madness feeds more madness - don't read him.

Also, please don't wish for another episode. Decide to have a true, healthy awakening. True awakenings don't land you in the hospital, and true awakenings have nothing to do with Jesus or Buddha or the Goddess, for God has no name, and all names. In order to protect yourself from having another half-true awakening, it is important to meditate in a sacred space. Place around yourself a circle of lit candles and crystals and bowls of water and so on, and as you make the circle set the intention that nothing that will cause harm is allowed in. You can walk around the circle three times with this intent in mind. The true reason you had an episode is because you opened yourself up without psychic protection. You allowed negative spirits to control you.

Meditate on cosmic love for all things, or mediate on gratitude, or forgiveness if you're feeling hateful, and always in a protected, sacred space. This kind of meditation cannot open you up to bad spirits. Twice in my life I was able to achieve a state of complete, loving bliss and communicate with good spirits that did not try and do anything but send loving energy and wise messages. My heart-rate did not go up, I did not stop eating or sleeping, I only felt a beautiful feeling and then it ended.

You don't have to take my advice, but I just wanted to tell you that mania is NOT enlightenment. Don't ever long for it, for it is the poisoned honey of a demon-spun paradise.

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