Anger. Sadness. What's going on

by Riley

I'm 15 and I used to be the one guy in class everyone liked to talk to. Now I'm here. Angry and sad all day everyday. I found someone and love them so much. But they left my school. Everyday since then I've been crying at home, wanting to just beat people up at school. I just want her back and even worse my dad has cancer. I really just want to know what's with me. I just want to scream and shout and just hurt people. Help me please.

Ben's Answer:

I'm sorry your going through this. It's normal to feel sad and angry when you lose a relationship. Losing your girlfriend and then dealing with your father's cancer is a lot to handle. You need to talk to someone who can listen and understand your feelings. It's not about fixing you. These are normal human feelings, but you just need a place to let them out with someone you can trust. I'm pretty sure if you had that, you would feel less of a need to scream and beat people up. Most schools have counselors available or you could ask your parents if you can talk to a therapist. It's confidential and should be a safe place to talk about anything that is bothering you.
There are also teen hotlines where you can call anonymously anytime and talk about whatever you want with a counselor. Most are toll free.

This link should provide a good list of options:

Teen Hotlines

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