An earth angel awakens

by Ceren
(Istanbul, turkey)

Hi, yes I did. I have been experiencing spiritual awakening last 2 years. This year I had one that lasted all day long and a few ones that lasted for hours. The day I spent... Oh my god... now i look back and know what it is like to be an awakened person.

At first I was skeptical because i was so depressed and confused afterwards. And also my family has a history of mania and depression separately. I even went to my doctor. He told me (i am lucky, I think although he is a straight forward atheist, he is an earth angel who is open to many things than he realizes) that he has never seen me so fulfilled and peaceful and to not to mind if this happens ever once in a while.

After that one day of blissful mania, i was in bed about a week and in a slight depression for a month. This is also another thing to learn. To be ok with this.

Now, the thing is, awakening process is not a fairy tale. It is a crazy roller coaster and it is the biggest teaching process all by itself. I am forever thankful and grateful beyond words.

As i face my darkest fears and come to terms with that, as I become a better roller coaster rider, I am also able to gain new abilities like reading energy fields, connecting to my angels and work closely with archangel Michael. I also have vision episodes. That one is another biggie and is an another subject all by itself.

My life energy and power that was stuck in a life of panic attacks, depression, an unhappy marriage, alcohol and never ending work hours has begun to flow to what really i am. It is still a work in progress and it always will be. I am thankful and grateful beyond measure.

So that is my story. Thank you for giving a chance to share.

Love from Istanbul,

Thanks for sharing your experience Ceren!


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