Amped Up (Mania and Electrical Issues)

by Heather

I have been dealing with bipolar for about 16 years now. My first episode happened (with no understanding), and I refused meds after my hospitalization. Didn't have another manic episode for seven years. I have been hospitalized eight times total.

I have been learning about other cultures and religions for some time, my family thinks my odd religious views are a part of my disease, or it can cause some issues with the disease. I also am a Reiki Master and do healing work (for free at this point). I've had shamanic rites given to me, in which not too long after, had a manic break. According to their beliefs you go into a psychosis state of mind.

For years I have thought my breaks had something to do with spirituality or healing. My causes of my breaks were primarily due to a very high stress job I was in. I do take meds, but when the stress and lack of sleep kick in I go hypomanic and miss my meds.
Then mania. Hospital. With this over the years I have caused issues with my immediate family. After the last one (last month), my brother has "had enough".

What I have noticed during hypomania is that I become increasingly intuitive. I mean I get overwhelmed with the vibes off of large groups of people. I also have electrical issues occur. Broken several work computers during this time, issues with electrical outlets not working. I truly feel I get too amped! I know I'm bipolar, but I'm not crazy!

I recently quit the corporate world, and am hoping this lack of stress, will reduce these episodes. I'm going to do Reiki and photography. I'm hoping the simple life will help my situation... Which could have been a wake up call to get out of that line of work!

Ben's response:

Thanks for sharing your experience Heather. I've talked to many people over the years, who report strange electrical issues with their computers or the lights in their house when their energy is elevated (as in hypomania or mania). I think it's interesting and would be fascinating to study this formally but it would be difficult to research.

As for the shamanic experience, I would suggest choosing very carefully who you get involved with, as there are varying levels of authenticity in these practices, often coming from inexperienced practitioners or cultures whose original teachings may not be intact.

It sounds like you have some good awareness of the patterns that lead to mania for you - starting with work stress and leading to lack of sleep and then missing meds.
Changing to a less stressful work situation sounds like a great idea!

Wishing you balance and peace,

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Aug 18, 2016
by: Heather

I certainly believe you with the lamp. My last episode I had I touched a tv and it blew out! It has a line going through the middle, which is now garbage!

I really believe that our body gets too amped, and can cause electrical issues.

Thanks for sharing, I'm not alone.

Aug 18, 2016
Lights out
by: Anonymous

During my first/recent manic/psychosis episode I was in my basement, full of emotional energy. I felt it coursing through me. At the height of this experience, the light which is controlled by a dimmer switch which needs to be pressed in in order to turn the light on or off, suddenly in what seems like a flash, the light got super bright then went out. I was stunned. My first instinct was fear. But also I was in awe. I got control of my fear and didn't let it take over. But I wonder if the amount of energy I was experiencing somehow affected the light.

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