Alternatives to Bipolar Medications?

by Shannon
(Arundel, ME.)

Is there an alternative form of treatment for bipolar patients then medication alone?

Ben's Answer:

YES! Medication alone will rarely be enough to make your life seem "normal" again if you have Bipolar Disorder. If you rely only on medication to set things right, and don't do anything else to manage your condition, minimize your stress, and care for your body, mind and soul - you will most likely be very disappointed.

I've seen several people get tremendous help from a supplement called EmPower Plus - from a company called TrueHope. A multifaceted/holistic approach to your recovery is the best. This may include medications, but some people do succeed without pharmaceuticals.

Please refer to the following page for more info on alternative bipolar treatments:

(or just click the "Bipolar Treatments" tab on the left column of this webpage.

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