all alone with mania

by Todd

Right now i am still on my meds but experiencing manic spiritual awakening. I am afraid to quit taking them. I am excited about what is happening but i haven't been sleeping. The only way is to take sleeping pills. A lot has happened to me in last 8 months that is why this is happening. I feel different in a good but scary way. I wonder how long this will last. It has lasted a lot longer than my previous manic episodes. I just want to be able to sleep well. I am sure it will be fine. I am different as a person, some people recognize it some do not. This is definitely a period of great growth for me.

Ben's Response:

It is extremely important that you continue to get enough sleep. It is also very important to let your doctor know that you are experiencing these manic symptoms despite staying on your meds. Having an elevated mood, or energy, or having spiritual experiences are not necessarily a sign of mania or problems; however I have seen people receive inadequate or completely inappropriate types of medication that have caused, rather than prevented, mania. This is a question to discuss with your doctor. I have seen people with bipolar disorder prescribed antidepressants (and no mood stabilizers), and then wonder why they became manic. Regardless of what meds you are currently taking, if they are not doing what they are meant to do, it may be time to make a new plan with your doctor. Going without sleep is the biggest risk for increasing mania, and poor sleep can cause a "happy hypomania" to turn into a chaotic and dangerous full-blown mania.

Stay grounded and balanced and you will experience positive growth safely.

Best Wishes,
Ben Schwarcz, MFT

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Dec 03, 2012
Best wishes
by: Liz

Hi there,
Like the previous post I just want to wish you well with this growth period. Personally, when I agonise about sleeping well during these times, it is a little counter productive. You will sleep again. The only other advise I'd like to offer is that you don't go looking for too much wisdom. It will come, trust it, reflect on it and let it settle calmly. Sometimes we go looking for insights, which make no sense and confuse us. If this is spiritual growth for you, it will be healing you for who you are. It will relate to your life and it will be good.
A memory came to me recently in my sleep and its meaning for me, then I started thinking.. and immediately I heard the music in my head of the theme tune to a quiz programme called Only Connect. I took this to mean, only connect, don't over think. I couldn't sing the theme tune before or now on request, but in my sleep it came straight away and I recognised it.
So I just want to say relax, accept this time, let it settle and use the good that comes from it for just that.. being good to yourself and others.
Best wishes

Aug 22, 2012
I just want to give you support for your growth spurt
by: Miguel Nortonya

While all that Ben said is true. I wish to extend more support and aknowledgement for the "scary" growth you are experienceing. I would encourage you to go to Youtube and watch Sean Blackwell's series of videos having to due with Spiritual Emergence and Waking Up! I agree with much of what Sean Blackwell has to share and wholeheartedly agree that a Manic Episode can be a completely healing/growing experience if done with some intelligence and hopefully the support of unconditionally loving humans (perferably with some experience being a sitter for someone going thru Mania)

I am down to 250mg of depacoate & 8 capsules of Empower Plus (from True Hope a micronutrient company in Candada) and doing fantastic! I forsee being completely off meds (depacoate) in another month or two and staying on the 8 capsules of True Hope for CNS support and overall health supplement. I encourage you to find some emotional healing tools that work for you to aid you in your healing. I have enjoyed EFT (tapping), Prayer, Unification (loving meditation) and The Sedona Method. Best Wishes my friend and blessings on your path! May you enjoy a steady unfolding of successes and breakthroughs! ;) Sincerely, Michael Norton 707-236-2214 <3

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