Afraid of Losing my Therapist

I have a wonderful therapist that I have been seeing for about 3 years now. He has helped me through a lot of stuff and been there for me. He is the only one I feel comfortable talking to and sharing things with. Lately though, I feel like he is worried we aren't getting anywhere and a few times he has mentioned taking a break for me to work through some things. the thing is- he has helped me and I need that weekly therapy session. I am an addict and have clinical depression and am afraid I am pushing him away and he will leave or tell me he can't help me anymore. my question is should I bring this up to him in therapy so we can talk about it or just continue the way it is and hope he doesn't completely lose hope.

Ben's Answer:

Definitely talk to your therapist about this fear of abandonment, or fear of him losing hope. You may be misinterpreting his intentions. These impasses in therapy are the best opportunities for real growth within yourself, and the therapy relationship. If you trust your therapist, then trust the process and be honest with him.

Best wishes,
Ben Schwarcz

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