Transformational Breathwork

The subject of Transformational Breathwork is vast, as it encompasses a multitude of breathing techniques and practices, including traditional methods from all parts of the world. 

Transformational Breathwork 
Restoring Your Natural Flow

Do you know that the average person breathes 12-20 Breathes per minute?

That means if you take 20 breaths per minute, each breath takes 3 seconds. That’s very fast. But it’s considered “normal” in our culture - even by mainstream medical standards. This is a problem!

The reality is that with a little retraining and mindful breathing practice, you could lower your breathing to 6 breaths per minute (a reduction of more than 70%) and you would be far calmer, less anxious, more energized, less stressed and much healthier. Just by breathing slower and more efficiently.

Our western society is not getting healthier…. sadly we are not evolving as a society towards greater health. Rates of anxiety, depression, addiction and stress related illness are on a steady increase. Modern medicine is obviously not the answer to this crisis.

You have the greatest tool at your disposal — and it’s so close you don’t even recognize it. Your own breath. 

On one study of heart patients, it was found that 100% of them habitually breathe from the chest, rather than from the diaphragm. With this one essential adjustment to your lifestyle (your way of breathing) you could vastly improve your health and longevity... 

My mission in life is to help people release and resolve whatever mental and emotional barriers they’re holding, so that they can more easily let go of the over-thinking mind and develop a more heart-centered, intuitive, embodied consciousness.

When living from the heart, we experience more flow, more connection, more trust in life, more synchronicity and magic. Living in the mind, without the balance of an open heart, leads to a very complicated, stressful experience, where fear, rather than love, is the main motivator.

We are here to Be Love… to experience LOVE, and to share Love. And this will never be achieved by the mind. Trusting emotions and being attuned to our body and your energy — and the Breath — are required for this heart-centered awareness to flow.

Breath is the greatest tool that we have at our disposal. There is nothing more important or more useful than breath awareness and conscious breathing…

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Why the Breath is the Master Control for your Nervous System


Of all the functions of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), including heart-rate, digestion, and all other nervous system and organ functions... it is ONLY the breath that you have immediate conscious control over, if you choose to. 

The breath can be passive (you can let go and just observe it and it will happen on its own) -- or active (you can breathe intentionally and with full conscious control). Both are useful - but if you realize the power you have at your disposal through the conscious use of breath - you can achieve incredible things. With breath control we can alter our state, change our emotions, focus the mind, release stress, calm the nervous system and achieve powerful altered states of consciousness. 

Transformational Breathwork makes use of both passive and active breathing techniques to achieve a range of beneficial effects. 

Proper Breathing

Before beginning any form of breathwork, it is essential to understand and be able to breathe properly. This may sound obvious, yet most people do not breathe deeply from the belly. The key to good breathing - the way to breath most of the time - throughout the day - is through the nose (both in and out), and Low-Slow-and-Deep. This means, from the diaphragm. Most of us are never taught proper breathing as children, and we continue to habitually breath in a shallow way, too much in the chest for our whole lives. 


One way to begin to re-learn how to breathe, is to place a hand on the heart and the other on the belly. (Most people find that it feels more relaxing one way or the other - so see which hand you like having on top). This position actually produces measurable effects on heart coherence. And it is also a great way to feel where the breath moves in your body. Unless you practice this and pay close attention, you may not even realize that you are usually breathing from the chest. If you find that your belly does not expand much as you inhale, and that your chest moves more than the belly - you have it backwards! Chest breathing actually causes stress and anxiety. It activates the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight), and increases the heart rate. It is not possible to take a deep breath if you are only expanding the chest and not the diaphragm. 

The diaphragm is your breathing muscle. It must extend outward (big belly) as you breath in.... and contracts inward as you breath OUT. 

If you find it difficult or get out of breath while trying to breathe longer and deeper (like 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out)... then getting some breathwork coaching could be immensely helpful. 

Learn more about Transformational Breathwork Coaching.

The short video above shows an short edited clip of a 45-minute private guided breathwork journey for deep emotional healing. 

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