Unlimited Possibilites Tapping Webinars

Bring your issues, goals and dreams...

            and let's tap!

Unlimited Possibilities Tapping Webinars are the most affordable way to practice Tapping and get personalized consultation with me.

Tapping in a group - or a virtual group - is a great way to experience tapping, while sharing the experience with others. Listening to other participants tap through their barriers and issues will help to build your confidence to refine your tapping skills.

Let's tap out the bad and tap in the good! Miracles happen when EFT Tapping is done with intention and focus. I'll offer you my best, most intuitive tapping tips and we will tap together in virtual space. I may be selecting a few volunteers to tap with, so don't be shy!

Break through your fears of success, fears of failure and the critical mind that is holding you back from the life you truly seek to live.

Experiential, Transformational, Light-Hearted and Fun... Together we can move mountains!

4 weekly Tapping Webinars: $49

Includes up to 2 Personal Emails -

Personal Coaching/Consultation -
to get the best results from your tapping!

FREE Tapping Webinar: May 22nd 6:30 pm PST

Register Here:

Visit me and register for this

Free Tapping Event at:


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