Share Your Story of Personal Transformation, Stuggle and the Quest for Meaning

Share your story of your darkest, your wildest, or your most life-changing experience. We've all got a story to tell. Dark depression can be a doorway into the depths of the soul and out again into the light of self-knowledge, peace and acceptance.

Mania can be an ego-shattering event of terrifying intensity, or the most ecstatically blissful state you've ever known. Yet for those who have come back to some sort of "normal" life, much may have changed. Much may have been lost. Maybe much gained. Maybe you're still trying to figure it out.

Spiritual and psychological growth are always happening - always evolving just as life itself.

Sharing your story give inspiration, hope and meaning to others on the path of self-exploration. Those who have gone to the depths and returned have something of tremendous value to offer humanity.

Share you story and give a little bit of hope to others who are looking for the way out of the dark.

Mania or Spiritual Awakening? Tell us your most spiritually transformational mania myth.

Succes with Supplements or Other Holistic/Natural Methods for Bipolar Disorder? Tell us How you Did It!

Art or Poetry for Surviving Depression - Share Your Creations and Your Story.

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