Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy is the synergy of a powerful somatic trauma healing modality with the assistance of legal psychedelics that deepen and quicken the healing process in profound ways.

I'm very excited to share with you, a new modality called Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP), that I am now offering to some of my clients!

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy is an approach that is quite unique. Unlike other psychedelic therapy modalities, this method stands on it's own as a somatic therapy technique for releasing deeply held unconscious traumas from the body-mind (even without a conscious story), and without the need for any psychedelic substance. However when assisted by a small amount of substance (typically Cannabis or Ketamine), the ability to move into an altered state of consciousness (what is sometimes called psychedelic consciousness or Primary Consciousness), becomes much faster and easier.

Whereas my most common method of trauma release has been EFT Tapping, which I still consider the be one of the best ways to resolve traumatic memories and patterns -- this becomes more challenging for treating certain forms of complex PTSD, deep depression and severe chronic anxiety, and early, unconscious traumas for which you have no conscious memories (including birth trauma). PSIP is ideal for addressing these types of issues, and it offers an intuitive, simple way to access the wisdom of your body to release unconscious tension from your nervous system that you normally would have no way of accessing.
These deep unconscious patterns can be accessed through the Somatic healing approach of PSIP. In fact, this method is not a cognitive technique at all (meaning that it takes place in an altered state of consciousness, and does not involve conscious, rational, talk-therapy). The usual every-day mode of interacting on a conscious level (what we call "secondary consciousness") is a completely different level of functioning from the primary consciousness level, a more primal, body/sensation/awareness level of consciousness that we enter into in this healing process.

In this state, the body often will move, shake, tremble, vibrate and discharge intense amounts of bound up energy, all without any conscious intention or effort. As the process moves you out of a dissociated state and reconnects you with your core self, emotions may spontaneously arise, and when the "wave" comes back to resolution there is a feeling of deep mental calmness, a feeling of comfort in the body and a sense of relaxed well-being. This all happens by itself, guided by your body's own innate instinct to release trauma and come back into equilibrium. (It is our conscious mind that normally inhibits and resists this intense release that your body is naturally designed to do). In PSIP we can remove the barrier of the DMN (default mode network) which normally locks down these energies and forces you into a less expansive, less emotional, yet functional and organized state so that you can go about your daily life. The DMN is essential for us to filter out stimuli and emotions and sensations that would be overwhelming and would distract us from focusing and completing worldly tasks. But when releasing deep trauma, that control network works against us and keeps us from letting go. It prevents the body from doing what nature designed it to do, and what other mammals do quite automatically.

The power of this approach is not simply about the substance taken to induce an altered state. The real therapeutic transformation depends on the skillful and careful interaction with the therapist, who stays extremely present, supportive, encouraging and engaged with you in your inner process, while you have an eye mask, and focus deeply into the body. The therapist uses specific techniques to help you to trigger your innate healing process, that soon takes on a life of its own, as you become the witness to your body's extraordinary ability to work through and reverse even distant traumas in the body-mind system.

Unlike the usual type of psychedelic therapy where the therapist holds space while you have your experience, and then the therapeutic benefits happen later during an integration session -- PSIP is highly interactive and relational yet works within the primary consciousness state.

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy

Sessions are typically 2 hours long, and this work is normally done as a series of weekly sessions for the greatest progress to be made. I am now accepting requests to begin this therapy with me. When we begin PSI sessions, we start by first doing sessions without the use of any psychedelic aid, and then we may transition to using psychedelic medicine, if you choose to. (This is not provided or prescribed by me and is totally up to you and/or your prescribing physician).

Contact Ben Schwarcz for more information or to schedule a session

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