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Mind Over Matter: Dreaming Yourself Awake
May 15, 2013

Healing From The Inside Out

Inspirational Tapping Techniques for Living a Joyful Life, Now

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  • Lucid Dream Tapping: Inducing the waking dream experience.

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    Lucid Dream Tapping: Inducing the Waking Dream Experience.

    We dream every night - even if we are in the habit of forgetting them when we rise in the morning. Dreams are the playground of the mind, the practice ground, and the place where many of our problems and concerns are worked out.

    But have you ever had the wondrous experience of a Lucid Dream, a dream in which you know that you are dreaming, and attain full - or at least partial - control over your movements, your thoughts and your environment, while the dream continues to unfold?

    Some people have lucid dreams naturally - about 20% of us by some estimates - but most people only do so very rarely or never have had a lucid dream at all.

    The good new is lucid dreaming can be learned, and it is extremely rewarding. Imagine, looking forward to sleep as a virtual world in which you not only get to rest your body, but you can free your mind and remain fully conscious in the vastness of your imagination, without the limits and distractions that exist in your waking life.

    The subject of lucid dreaming has been very well researched and studied, and there are a number of methods of inducing lucid dreams. I'd like to propose another method: EFT Tapping.

    The general idea of most forms of lucid dream induction is to train yourself to question your reality - to ask the question "am I dreaming?" even during your waking day, and then to ask this question again while you are actually dreaming during the night. The mere asking of the question will usually bring sudden conscious awareness (lucidity) to your dream. The landscape will become brighter, more colorful and clear, and you will become aware of your dream body - your sense of touch will be enhanced, you will become aware of your breathing and so on.

    It's not hard to see, for anyone spiritually inclined, that the more conscious we become in our waking "dream" life, the more we are likely to have lucid night time dreams, and the more lucid dreams we have, the more we become aware of the "reality" that we project in our waking life.

    It's all about becoming conscious!

    Tapping is a great way to build on these techniques and influence yourself to remain conscious within your dream.

    Try this experiment: (for those new to EFT/Tapping - first see the tapping basics link below)...

    Now, for seven days in a row, write down your dreams - whatever you remember - even if it is just a fragment - each morning.

    After journaling, do some tapping...

      1. The Set-Up Phrase: (While tapping the karate chop point)
    • "Even though I lose self-awareness and forget that I am dreaming, I choose to remain fully conscious within my dreams.

    • "Even thought a forget that I am dreaming, I love and accept myself as I am."

    • "Even though I go unconscious when I sleep, I choose to remember that I am dreaming, and I choose to remember my dreams."

      2. Now tapping out the negative/the resistance:

    • Eyebrow: "I forget that I am dreaming."
    • Side Eye: "I can't remember that I am dreaming."
    • Under eye: "I go unconscious when I sleep."
    • Under Nose: "I never remember that I'm dreaming."
    • Chin: "I don't have any self-awareness."
    • Collar Bone: "I'm not in control of my reality."
    • Under Arm: "I feel separate from everything and everyone."
    • Crown: "I can't stay conscious."

      Then some positive auto-suggestions:

    • EB: "Is this is a dream?"
    • SE: "Am I dreaming right now?"
    • UE: "Maybe this is a dream."
    • UN: "I can test myself to see if this is a dream."
    • CB: "I choose to remember that I am dreaming when I go to sleep."
    • UA: "I choose to know that I am dreaming when I sleep."
    • Cr: "I choose to remember that I am the Dreamer and the dream."

      Do this again before you go to sleep each night.

      Let me know how it goes.... sweet dreams!

      I will be sharing more on lucid dream tapping in my next newsletters and videos, and also in next week's Tapping Webinar! So stay tuned, and keep tapping!"

      "You are the light only...

      -Nisargadatta Maharaj

      "Nothing Real can be threatened. Nothing Un-Real exists. Herein Lies the Peace of God."

      -A Course In Miracles

      Learn the EFT Tapping Basics Here

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      "When desires trouble the mind, always remind yourself of this truth: 'When ecstasy comes, everything goes."
      -Paramahansa Yogananda

      "When consciousness frees itself from its identification with physical and mental forms, it becomes what we may call pure or enlightened consciousness or presence.

      -Eckhart Tolle

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      Don't Give Up!

      Every life challenge is an opportunity to awaken. There is no situation that is hopeless. Something positive, healing and transformative is possible in all circumstances, even when we can't recognize it at the time. Sometimes we forge ourselves out of the fire of suffering and loss, and it isn't until the end that we realize what a beautiful work of art has emerged within. The glory of waking up can't be experienced if you don't first accept that you are asleep.

      May we all find peace. May we all know joy. May we all be liberated from fear, and released from illusions. May we all return to the Truth of our inner Light.

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      Wishing you health and great joy!

      Ben Schwarcz

      Benjamin Schwarcz, MFT is licensed psychotherapist (#mfc35606), meditation teacher, and energy coach with a private practice at 509 7th Street, Santa Rosa, CA, 95401. He can be reached at 707-326-5566.


      This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any drug, not all supplements are safe for all individuals and there may be risks and contraindications for people with certain conditions. Always consult a professional health care provider before before trying to treat a serious condition on your own.

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