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Grief and Trauma: Root Causes of Chronic Depression?
July 17, 2013

Healing From The Inside Out

Grief and Trauma:

Root Causes of Chronic Depression?

I recently learned that 25% of women in their 30's and 40's are taking an antidepressant medication. I don't know about you, but I'm deeply concerned about that statistic. Last year, two of the top four selling drugs in the world were psychiatric drugs (Lexapro and Abilify). While Major Depression is a serious condition that can lead to suicide, the massive over-emphasis on "chemical imbalance" or "neurotransmitter imbalance" completely over-shadows any common sense when it comes to treating the actual cause of depression.

The cause of depression is not the same for everyone. And because it takes some thoughtful inquiry, or very keen intuition to discover the likely root causes of someone's depression, few people ever get the attention and the care they really deserve. You can't usually evaluate such a thing in a 10 minute doctor visit.

In my experience working with mood disorders for over 20 years, I can say that in a large percentage of cases of severe or chronic depression, there is a history of severe loss or trauma that has remained untreated and unresolved, sometimes for decades.

Can the loss of your parent as a child, cause 10 or 20 or 30 years of chronic depression, or chronic pain? It certainly can! Losses come in all forms, death of loved one's, loss of parent by divorce, cases of childhood neglect, or physical or sexual abuse... these are some of the most common root causes of chronic mood conditions.

Often I talk to people who say they tried therapy and it didn't help. Or they say they dealt with and accepted their past losses or traumas years ago. But upon closer examination, the emotions are still there. It's just that decades of ignoring a deep wound produces a callous and you may eventually become numb. The wound is still there, but you become too depressed to feel it. Then most people see their doctor and get medication, but not therapy. And we know how well that works.

Depression is a human problem and should be dealt with on a human level.

Traditional talk therapy by a competent therapist, is proven to be effective in treating depression, grief and trauma, but results can be mixed.

I consider Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT (Tapping) to be superior to most forms of psychotherapy (when used effectively).

Often when tapping about an old, distant trauma or loss, unexpected emotion arises suddenly. This is a sure sign that you are onto something. Like when you get a massage, and the massage therapist finds a sore spot that you had no awareness of before. It was there all the while, but you were numb to it. Ignoring our numb spots does not make them go away, it just leads to more and more armoring, and numbness and other related pains - both emotional and physical - until we have layer upon layer of pain.

But when you go directly to the original trauma - the turning point in your life - you have a chance to re-write the script of your life story. Our mind and body are incredibly resilient. We only have to apply the proper technique to re-wire the brain and truly let go of the pain that has been carried for so long.

Finally, I have rarely met a person who isn't afraid of change. We may think we are up for anything, or that we would give anything to feel better, but there are always parts of us that resist change, because we fear the unknown. If you spent most of your life being depressed, the idea of being depression-free is likely to be scary.

I've also seen many people want to hold onto their traumas and losses - as if they are holding onto the person they lost - confusing their pain for the person.... or holding onto a trauma story as a sort of badge of honor. Yet when these things are released for good, I've never seen anyone wish they could have them back. The idea of change is always much more scary than the change itself.

Take heart. The potential for healing is available to all. Even you.

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Don't Give Up!

Every life challenge is an opportunity to awaken. There is no situation that is hopeless. Something positive, healing and transformative is possible in all circumstances, even when we can't recognize it at the time. Sometimes we forge ourselves out of the fire of suffering and loss, and it isn't until the end that we realize what a beautiful work of art has emerged within. The glory of waking up can't be experienced if you don't first accept that you are asleep.

May we all find peace. May we all know joy. May we all be liberated from fear, and released from illusions. May we all return to the Truth of our inner Light.

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Wishing you health and great joy!

Ben Schwarcz

Benjamin Schwarcz, MFT is licensed psychotherapist (#mfc35606), meditation teacher, and energy coach with a private practice at 509 7th Street, Santa Rosa, CA, 95401. He can be reached at 707-326-5566.


This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any drug, not all supplements are safe for all individuals and there may be risks and contraindications for people with certain conditions. Always consult a professional health care provider before before trying to treat a serious condition on your own.

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