Healing From The Inside Out

April 2010 - Issue #17

“A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet. As the sun rising makes the world actie, so does self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part."

--Nisargadatta Maharaj

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  • NEW eBook! Tapping Into Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression. This 96-Page eBook covers a wide range of issues and root causes of depression and shows you how to awaken to your natural state of peace and happiness. Pre-Sale Discount Price still in effect- only when you order here.
  • Excerpts from the new ebook "Tapping Into Joy..."
  • 15 minute guided mindfulness meditation available for immediate download, just for you (see the gold buttons below).
  • Personalized Guided Meditations, customized to order - still available.
  • Ask-the-Therapist is now fully operational! Ask me any question and see it posted on the website with my answer (you don't have to give your real name). No question is too strange (lets make it interesting - truth is always stranger than fiction anyway).

    A Trauma can be created in a matter of seconds, and with Meridian Tapping/EFT it can heal in the same amount of time. So let go of your ideas about “deeply ingrained trauma,”.... it's much easier to change than you ever thought possible.

    The Audio Book Introduction:

    (The Full 2.5 hour audio book comes as a bonus, along with my full 62-Minute Guided Meditation Audio, when you purchase the eBook)

    Available for Pre-Sale Discount here: Tapping Into Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression

    More excerpts from the eBook Taping Into Joy:

    What Should I Focus On?
    Mindfulness and Presence

    “When you sit quiet and watch yourself, all kinds of things may come to the surface. Do nothing about them, don't react to them; as they have come so will they go, by themselves. All that matters is mindfulness, total awareness of oneself or rather, of one's mind.”

    -Shri Nisargatta Maharaj

    The most useful thing you can do is to Be Where You Are. That means – as much as possible...

    • Know what you are feeling
    • Accept what you are feeling
    • Be honest about what you are feeling
    • Express what you are feeling
    • Be willing to let go (this happens automatically when you tap – so don't worry about it!)

      But what about thoughts? Do you need to be aware of your thoughts too? Yes! Being mindful means paying attention to whatever is going on inside and around you. Both your inner and outer space. Thoughts are part of that inner space – and your thoughts are extremely powerful. While some symptoms may be intense and painfully obvious to you, most people experience depression on a more subtle level that may be difficult to describe.

      Hopelessness, helplessness, despair, feeling isolated and alone, feeling unlovable, or unworthy, feelings of sadness, shame, guilt, and self-loathing - these are all common aspects of depression. Sometimes it may be difficult to even identify a specific emotion – as all feelings may seem to be numb and beyond conscious awareness when depressed. Some people feel depression on a more physical level – as heaviness, lethargy, foggy-headedness, loss of energy, a sort of dimming of the vision, or tension and contraction in the body. Some people also experience anxiety as an aspect of their depression.

      Identifying Core Issues or “Aspects” of your Depression is Essential!

      With the process of EFT – identifying the specific core “aspects” of your depression is an important key to your success. Just tapping on the broad feeling of “Depression” is unlikely to yield any significant results. With the Tapping process, the words that we use to describe the problem are extremely important. Remember – be specific in your description of each aspect or symptom of your depression, and whenever possible, rate your progress (any changes in the level of intensity of negative feelings) along the way. Doing this makes it easier to be mindful and conscious of what you are thinking and what you are feeling – emotionally as well as physically. Your attention to yourself, and your intention to shift your consciousness will help you get the best results from Tapping.

      Learn more about Meridian Tapping/EFT to release yourself from the past

      At long last, my eBook is nearly done - Tapping Into Joy: Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression.

      Meridian Tapping is not complicated to learn. The mechanics of the technique are very simple. Even my 7 year old daughter uses it. Nothing works 100% of the time for every person -- but I've personally had about a 95% success rate in helping my own clients with depression, by using Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for them as the main therapeutic technique in our sessions. Using this method greatly shortens the length of treatment needed, and in most cases helps avoid the need for medication. The great thing about Meridian Tapping is that it is so versatile - it can be used effectively for anxiety, insomnia, fear, trauma - all of the "side issues" that coexist with depression and contribute to it.

      Tapping Into Joy - Meridian Tapping and Mindfulness for Depression. This book is unique in it's scope, and is the only book of it's kind, that focuses completely on the subject of depression, and how to heal with Meridian Tapping/EFT and Mindfulness.

      Depression is not the same for everyone. The issues underlying it can be complex and unique to each person. This 18 Chapter book covers some of the most common areas of difficulty that lead to a state of depression: Trauma, Abuse, Codependency, Fear, Indecisiveness, Repressed Anger, Shame, and more. The book gives practical instruction on using Meridian Tapping for your own healing. Even if you've never tried Tapping before, you'll be a master tapper by the time you're done. You'll be on your way, from the very first pages of the book.

      Includes a bonus Audio version of the book – read by yours truly...

      And also a full 62 minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation audio to download immediately.

      This 96-Page book is available at a reduced fee if you Pre-Order it now, (you will get it for the discounted price of only $30 – including the two bonuses). The book will be emailed to you in Pdf format within 24 hours. The meditation will be available to download immediately, as well as the first hour of the audio book (the rest of the audio will be available in a few days). Just click the button to make your secure order.

      (It has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide you don't like it).

      What is a Personalized Guided Meditation?:

      This new service offers you a highly personalized, made-to-order, professional Guided Meditation/Self-Hypnosis CD, with soothing background music and voice recording. Based on your answers to an extensive (confidential) list of questions, I will customize your own unique guided meditation for your personal use. Like having your own coach or therapist with you where ever you go!

      This is a powerful tool for changing your sub-conscious tapes - and replacing your negative, self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs with positive, life-affirming, optimistic thoughts and beliefs.

      By listening to your personalized guided meditation on a regular basis - preferably just before you go to sleep - every night, or at least several times a week - you will begin to see deep and lasting changes in your life.

      (The music and voice are similar to the meditation audio above, except I will be talking directly to you and addressing your specific needs, issues, and goals).

      Order Yours Here

      Energy Psychology and Meridian Tapping (EFT)

      "This may be the biggest breakthrough in Medicine and Psychology in the last century."

      Dr. Dawson Church - Author of Genie in your Genes

      Variously called "Energy Tapping," "Meridian Tapping Technique," and Emotional Freedom Techniques® or “EFT” - tapping is an amazing Energy Psychology technique that can be easily learned and self-applied for an enormous array of problems. It is excellent for depression, as well as virtually any emotional disturbance, phobia, fear, traumatic memory, negative thought, and even for many physical problems (including some chronic problems that may have been unsuccessfully treated for years using all sort of conventional and alternative methods).

      By tapping on these electrochemical activation points, the nervous system is balanced, and the emotional center of the brain (the amygdala) ceases it's reactivity to the disturbing negative thought, image, memory, or whatever the case may be. Studies now show that tapping quickly reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol...

      Learn more about Meridian Tapping and EFT

      EFT and Energy-Coaching by Phone

      Energy Tapping (Meridian Tapping), also commonly called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be done both face to face with a coach or therapist, as well as by phone. Once you learn the 8 major points to tap on your body (very simple), you can follow the coach's verbal cues and get wonderful results. In fact, I find that working by phone can minimize distractions and facilitate a deeper connection. Working with a therapist or coach can help you to define your core issues that need work, and help you find just the right words to describe the issue as you tap - an essential element for getting the best results.

      The more I work with people by phone/Skype, the more I enjoy it - as the results are often profound and I feel as deeply connected as if I was sitting face to face with the person. I've made some wonderful connections with people all over the world who have taken advantage of this service.

      Now, with Skype audio or web cam - you can even have a "face-to-face" session, just as you would if you came to my office, (and without long-distance charges).

      707/326-5566 or Email: BSchwarcz@sbcglobal.net

      EFT-by-Phone: Energy Coaching Sessions

      Learn to Meditate: You are the Key to your own hidden treasure

      "When the Mind is Thinking - it's the Mind
      When the Mind is Still... It's the Soul."

      -Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

      You always have the ability to go within and to surrender to your own Higher Self - your eternal and ever present Consciousness. Here is the source of your true happiness, bliss and contentment. That which you seek in the world is already here, within you Now.

      Try my free guided meditation here and now. Just make yourself comfortable, stop what you're doing and take a 15 minute break to feed your soul:

      This guided meditation audio, along with an additional segment is now available for sale on my website. You can listen to part one (the first 15 minute meditation) for free directly on the site, or by clicking the player below. The second link below will allow you to download the 15 minute meditation for your personal use - only available for free through this newsletter.

      Yogic Breathing Techniques to Supercharge and Balance You

      Pranayama – literally “life-force control” – are powerful techniques for shifting your consciousness, purifying mind and body, and raising your energy. Pranayama is a core part of several types of Yoga.

      Learn Pranayama techniques - Kapalabhati, Nadi Shodhana, Surya Bheda and more

      Learn more about yoga and meditation for health, happiness and vitality.


      My website now offers FREE answers to your most pressing questions. You can choose to submit them with or without your name, or make up a name. If it's a well written question that I feel our readers can benefit from, I will answer it and post both your question and my answer on it's own special page on my website. Others can comment, or give their own advice too. Where else can you get free advice from a licensed psychotherapist? Ask Away! I'll do my best to give a helpful answer.

      Why Wait... Ask a Question Now!

      Stay Tuned for the next Newsletter- coming soon!

      Don't Give Up!

      Every life challenge is an opportunity to awaken. There is no situation that is hopeless. Something positive, healing and transformative is possible in all circumstances, even when we can't recognize it at the time. Sometimes we forge ourselves out of the fire of suffering and loss, and it isn't until the end that we realize what a beautiful work of art has emerged within. The glory of waking up can't be experienced if you don't first accept that you are asleep.

      May we all find peace. May we all know joy. May we all be liberated from fear, and released from illusions. May we all return to the Truth of our inner Light.

      I value your opinions and your feedback. Please let me know if this newsletter was helpful and feel free to ask questions. I update my website regularly, so check the site for new information, and if you like what you see, let others know about it.

      Wishing you health and great joy!

      Ben Schwarcz

      Benjamin Schwarcz, MFT is licensed psychotherapist (#mfc35606), meditation teacher, and energy coach with a private practice at 509 7th Street, Santa Rosa, CA, 95401. He can be reached at 707-326-5566.


      This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As with any drug, not all supplements are safe for all individuals and there may be risks and contraindications for people with certain conditions. Always consult a professional health care provider before before trying to treat a serious condition on your own.

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