Energy Coaching

What is "Energy Coaching?"

Energy Coaching helps you develop personal freedom, success, joy and peace of mind by utilizing cutting edge Energy Psychology techniques to remove the inner blocks to your natural state of vitality, clarity, and harmony. Our inner "blocks" may take the form of fear, anxiety, guilt, resentments or unresolved emotional traumas, binding us to the past, and keeping us from living fully in the present.

Utilizing powerful methods such as EFT Tapping, I guide my clients to release deeply held (often subconscious) negative core beliefs and fears, and to open to new possibilities. Most importantly, this process puts the power to change in your hands and gives you the tools to build the life you want.

I've done more than 8,000 EFT Tapping sessions with my clients over the last decade, and I am constantly humbled and awed to see the transformations that are possible. What I know is this:

The absolute greatest, most powerful factor in your present reality, is not your circumstances, your job, your family or your society, but your own mind. Even if you had all the best resources at your disposal, if your mind is focused on what you don't want, or if you unconsciously are conflicted, fearful, or confused about what you do want - you simply will not be happy.

What does true happiness mean to you?

Do you really know what would make you happy?

Is happiness an elusive dream that you've always been chasing, trying to satisfy yourself by achieving more, getting more things, more relationships, more money?

A scattered and divided mind creates a fragmented life. The more grounded, focused and calm you become, the more clarity and ease you will find in your life. For most of us, the "head" and the "heart" want two different things. We don't know which one to listen to, or how to reconcile them.

Coming into alignment within yourself creates positive momentum, energy, and peace of mind.

Whatever your goals, I can help you achieve them with greater clarity and in less time.

Do you feel like you're paddling upstream?

Wouldn't it be nice to go with the flow of life and get what you really want without stress, fear and guilt blocking your way?

Energy Coaching is about deep transformation of the way you think, feel, and relate to the world and to yourself. It will help you to find an ease, and harmony in life that feels genuine, natural and authentic. It is designed help you to discover what you truly want to do, (not just what you think you "should" do), and helps you to achieve it without inner conflict and self-doubt.

If you are already on the path that feels right, then Coaching can help you to do what you are already doing, only better.

Utilizing Energy Tapping methods such as EFT, as well as Meditation techniques, holistic health principles, and the power of focused intention, Energy Coaching can liberate you from your own self-sabotage, and put you back on track.

Find out how Transformational Coaching goes beyond ordinary coaching by changing your subconscious beliefs, and your emotional state to empower you to expand your possibilities.

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