EFT for Lucid Dreams
A New Application for Tapping


EFT for Lucid Dreams - an exciting new way to apply EFT Tapping to expand consciousness and shift awareness - during sleep.

The sky's the limit, when it comes to finding new ways to use EFT Tapping and in this case, with some practice, you can program your subconscious mind to “wake up” into a self-aware state while dreaming.

Lucid dreams happen spontaneously for some people. There are degrees of lucidity when dreaming. You may become partly aware that you are dreaming, yet feel no sense of control or power in the dream as it continues to unfold. Once you are in this Pre-lucid state, it's not hard to become fully lucid. One technique is to look at your hands while in this state. Your “dream hands.” You see, in a regular dream we don't see ourselves. We don't ever see our own image. It's like we're just a spectator, looking out through a window. But when you look at your hands, you arrive in the Present moment – in dream time. Everything then changes, comes into focus and you are now an active participant in your dream. Then you can enjoy the ride, or if you so desire it, you can become the creator and director of your dream as well. In so doing, it is like going from a black and white movie, to a full-color high definition, 3-dimensional landscape. And it's exhilarating!

Here's a way to use EFT for lucid dreams. Try the following tapping technique before you go to bed. While Tapping each point as indicated, repeat the words to yourself. If you're not already familiar with Meridian Tapping/EFT – refer to the EFT Basics Page.

Tapping the side of the hand (the karate-chop point):

“Even though I'm going to sleep, I choose to wake up in my dreams.”
“Even though I'm going to sleep now, I choose to remember to look at my hands in my dream.”
“Even though I'm going to sleep, I choose to become fully self-aware in my dream.”

Eye Brow: “I choose to remember to look at my hands.”
Side of Eye: “I choose to awaken in my dream.”
Under Eye: “I choose to become self-aware in my dream.”
Under Nose: “I choose to become conscious in my dream.”
Chin: “It's possible to have a lucid dream.”
Collar Bone: “I deserve to have a lucid dream tonight.”
Under Arm: “It's safe to have a lucid dream tonight.”
Crown: “I choose to know I am dreaming.”

2nd Round -

Eye Brow: “I am dreaming.”
Side of Eye: “This is a dream.”
Under Eye: “I am dreaming.”
Under Nose: “This is my dream.”
Chin: “I am awake in my dream.”
Collar Bone: “I'm aware of my Self in my dream.”
Under Arm: “I am aware of my breath in my dream.”
Crown: “I am conscious  and aware of my Dream Body, and I have power in my dream.”

You may do several more rounds of tapping, simply repeating this sequence until you feel complete. You will most likely feel calm, clear and relaxed after tapping.

Before you get up, look at the palms of your hands for at least a minute, and repeat several times to yourself: “I am dreaming..... I am dreaming....... I am dreaming.”

Then go to bed, and don't “try” to make anything happen. Rest your mind, relax and drift off to sleep.

It can be helpful to keep a journal and pen by your bed, or a voice recorder, so that as soon as you wake up in the morning, or after a dream in the night, you can at least take down a few notes to anchor the memory in your mind. Practicing this will train you to remember more and more of your dream material, and will also make it easier to have lucid dreams.

Stay tuned for more tips on using EFT Tapping for lucid dreams.

Sweet dreams!

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