EFT for Depression

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Rapid Relief

Since I've been using EFT for Depression treatment with my psychotherapy clients, I've often cut the length of treatment dramatically. In fact, many of my clients experience full recovery from their depression and return to their lives with renewed energy, optimism and self-esteem.

With EFT it is no longer necessary to suffer through months of emotionally painful weekly therapy, or to tell your traumatic story over and over again, searching for meaning without actually experiencing a real shift in how you feel. Many people find that in traditional therapy they are rehashing their past but still holding onto it. When EFT Tapping is used properly, the story you tell will be for the last time, because while describing a past event, you are diminishing the emotional charge by tapping acupressure points. The end result, is what is sometimes called "memory reconsolidation," and is literally as if the mental recording of your past traumas have faded away. In many cases, the visual details of a traumatic memory go from high intensity, full color and sharp detail -- to dim, faded, foggy or even blank. This may seem hard to believe, but it is a fairly common experience for many who give EFT an honest try with a well trained practitioner.

In addition to the in-session guided tapping process that is the core of this work, clients may receive simple assignments, similar to some cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approaches, along with some EFT Tapping to do at home between sessions. This is not a requirement, but can deepen and amplify the positive benefits of these sessions.

Energy Psychology - and particularly EFT - goes right to the underlying source of mind/body pain and alleviates it efficiently - and most often with lasting results. By accessing the body's energy system, even deeply buried subconscious thoughts, feelings and unresolved traumas can be neutralized, so that you can regain your natural state of health and well being.

This is "trauma-informed" work, and by releasing or resolving past losses, traumas or emotional events, the emotional roots of the depression are taken care of. Effective EFT for depression involves more than simply tapping away symptoms.

 Tips for More Effective EFT for Depression

There are some important tips to remember when using EFT for Depression. The popularity of EFT is literally exploding and many people are learning it and using it on their own, without the help of a therapist. While many people experience impressive results, others get stuck and prematurely give up on the technique before realizing its vast potential to truly transform their lives and expand their sense of possibilities.

Some of the most common reasons for incomplete or ineffective EFT Tapping for Depression are:

  • Being unaware of the actual emotions that need to be focused on. (Feeling numb, detached, or repressed).
  • Being dissociated (out of body) and not able to focus on the core issues.
  • Simply quitting too soon -- not being persistent enough.
  • Having a subconscious fear of releasing and changing. Some "secondary gain" for staying depressed. (For example - a person with long-standing chronic depression, for which she is on complete disability. Her livelihood literally depends on her continued depression. While not "rational," the idea of truly healing, would be scary, and would mean having to return to work, and take on a whole new identity).
  • Hidden aspects of the depression have not been identified and targeted with the EFT treatment. (For example, the present symptoms may be a feeling of fatigue and hopelessness. Yet the core issue may be a traumatic loss, and unresolved grief from a childhood event. In this case, the original event, and all of those original feelings may need to be the focus of EFT treatment in order to resolve the current symptoms). Missing the core issue that is usually rooted in the past (often childhood experiences) and tapping on issues that are "global" or vague, is the the most common mistake that prevents successful resolution.
  • Too many different issues and aspects causing confusion on which way to go, which one's to tap about and in what order.
  • Subconscious self-doubt that causes a loss of focused intent and diverts attention away from the appropriate words.
  • Allergic or toxic reaction to some substance, medication, or environmental influence, that interferes with the normal healing process of EFT (until the offending substance is removed).
  • Tapping with the intention of "getting rid" of some feeling.Though this may seem counter-intuitive, the fact is, healing happens when we are Present, and Accepting. If we come at a problem with the intention of destroying it, we only entrench ourselves deeper in the problem.

For detailed stories of people who used EFT to successfully eliminate their depression, check the following link to Gary Craig's World Center for EFT:

Success Stories of EFT for Depression

EFT Coaching

For any of these common barriers to successful EFT for Depression, it can be tremendously helpful to work with an experienced EFT practitioner. Many issues can be tackled using the technique on your own. But in an acute crisis, a complex trauma or confusing issues, or in the beginning of treatment, a good therapist or coach can make all the difference.

Gold Standard EFT - The technique developed and endorsed by EFT's founder Gary Craig

Working with an experienced EFT practitioner can help you to keep your focus where it needs to be. Your therapist or coach will help you to identify the core issues, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in depression. And a good coach will help you have the confidence and persistence to work through the process to it's completion, and won't stop until you are feeling good.

EFT can be done very effectively by phone. All of the same essential elements are there that would be experience working face to face with an EFT Practitioner. Online Scheduling is just a few clicks away....

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