Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ Certification

Contact us to learn about our training programs for Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques Certification. This 3-Level ATRT™ course contains something for everyone, and Level 1 may be taken as a stand-alone training or as the pre-requisite foundational training for the full advanced clinical certification.


Level 1 ATRT™ starts with the Fundamental Principals of Ancestral Trauma healing, with a focus on ancestral money patterns and blocks. It includes extensive assessment tools to use with your clients as well as for yourself, to identify and break through limitations and expand possibilities.


This Level 1 Course is accessible to all. It will not only help you in working with your own clients (if you're a practitioner), but will also help you resolve your own money issues, reach greater scope and prosperity in your practice or business, have a better relationship and flow with money, and understand why you may not have succeeded with money till now!


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation to assess and coach your clients on their own money patterns and beliefs, and an introduction to working with Ancestral Traumas to work with the root cause of these blocks.


Some of the areas covered in this transformational Level 1 Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ Certification Course:


  • Ancestral Trauma - Basic Principals/Foundations/Quantum Physics/Epigenetics
  • Assessment tools to help identify family beliefs and patterns around money
  • When to introduce Ancestral Trauma work to your clients/ Signs of Ancestral Trauma
  • Connecting with Inner Guidance/Intuition
  • Identifying common Cognitive Distortions or Thinking Errors behind money issues
  • Assessment of Ancestral Money Patterns for Couples
  • High Risk Clients to avoid using ATRT™ with
  • Family Money Stories & Patterns. Mindsets.
  • Includes a module on the Energy of Money
  • Energetic Money management (for you own finances).
  • Understanding the basics of EFT (Tapping) for use with the ATRT™ Process.


Course Material will be provided online through exclusive video and audio instruction, and a Downloadable manual of all the material will also be included. Money Patterns and Beliefs Assessment Forms also provided for your use.

We can't wait to join you in this amazing new adventure in healing!


With Love and Respect,

Ben Schwarcz and Eva Malanowski

- Originators of Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ (ATRT™)

Eva Malanowski, MS, PsyD. Is a Transformational Psychologist and Coach for relationship trauma and related addictions. She specializes in helping growth-oriented, professional men and women release the patterns that keep them emotionally stuck and unfulfilled. As a classically trained, science-based psychologist, Eva also draws from her long personal experience with spirituality, Inner Guidance, energy healing work, energy psychology and shamanic traditions. She works with past-life hypnosis and between-lives hypnosis to facilitate the evolution of consciousness that leads to total transformation.


Eva became the first trained Amáte Growth Work Facilitator at the Amáte Institute/Aspen, and established The Amáte Institute/Boulder to offer this vital healing method to those in the Boulder area as well as offering intensive treatment options for clients from around the world. To learn more about Dr. Eva Malanowski, visit:


Ben Schwarcz, MA, LMFT, ACAP-EFT has worked as a counselor, Wilderness Vision Quest Guide, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Coach for 28 years and specializes in EFT and Transformational Coaching with clients locally and internationally. He is also an EFT consultant and group facilitator for licensed health practitioners for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology EFT Certification Program. Ben has done thousands of hours of EFT Sessions with clients over 12 years and continues to develop innovative ways to use tapping along with guided visualization, hypnosis and mindfulness for deep transformation and to help his clients shift their mindset and create the life they truly desire. Ben focuses particularly on trauma work, as well as coaching entrepreneurs to clear the blocks to their success. He lives and practices in Santa Rosa, CA. Learn more about Ben Schwarcz at:

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