Ancestral Trauma
Money Blocks

Ancestral Trauma Money Blocks are the money issues and patterns that manifest in us, related to the traumas of our ancestors. Money blocks often show up in later generations of those who have suffered great losses, displacement, war, genocide such as the Holocaust, political changes, loss of business, natural disasters.

The imprint of our ancestor's traumatic experiences is expressed in our genes, in our energy field, in our mind and body.

In recent years, the evolving study of Epigenetics has revealed that the traumas of our ancestors not only impacted their gene expression, but can also can be carried through generations. Traumas that we do not even know about, that our grandparents experienced before they had children, can influence our own fears, expectations and sensitivities. In essence, we are conditioned to see the world through the eyes of our ancestors.

It is not only the stories that we have been told about our family history, but also the untold stories, that can show up in our current life patterns and challenges. Your ancestor's money stories are very likely to influence your own. Generations of poverty, of war, of displacement and genocide, successes and losses, betrayals, and breakthroughs --  not only affected those who lived through it, but their future offspring as well. Ancestral Trauma money blocks are commonly the result that shows up in our lives, and is often misunderstood.

There are a multitude of emotional issues that relate to money and success. Patterns ranging from fear of loss, to fear of death, to guilt for having, and shame for losing, and a host of inner conflicts that may unconsciously keep you stuck with regard to your financial well-being. The good news is that Epigenetic influences, can be transformed and healed

Ancestral Trauma Money Blocks

What does money represent?

- Security and Safety
- Power and Control
- Freedom
- Self Worth and Success
- Energy, Health, Well-Being

The experiences of our family lineage can imprint upon our subconscious patterns and attitudes towards money (and all that it represents), even when we have no knowledge of an ancestor or their story. Often it is the tragedy that was too painful to bear, that a family buries and never talks about, that finds its way into later generations. Inexplicable fears, phobias, anxieties and worries may have no direct roots in your own past, but are the unfinished and unexpressed stories of those that lived long ago.

Some indigenous cultures such as the Iroquois Confederacy, regard 7 generations behind and ahead, including yourself, as the greatest sphere of influence to be conscious of in any decisions. (Meaning back to your grandparents, and ahead to your grandchildren).

EFT (Tapping), combined with other approaches, can be used to clear these blocks in a variety of ways, once we recognize their source. This can be done through examining family stories, as well as through intuition. When we are in emotional resonance with an ancestor, we are in a position to clear their trauma as it lives in us.

This method, developed by myself and Eva Malanowski PsyD, was first taught to therapists at the ACEP Energy Psychology Conference in New Mexico this Sunday May, 2019, and demonstrated the theory and practice of clearing money blocks, using this unique Energy Psychology modality.

We call this hybrid technique Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ and the EFT application used within the process is called Ancestral Trauma Tapping.

This approach combines Guided Inner Journeying, with EFT Tapping, to help you discover and connect with an ancestor who is influencing your life patterns, emotions, subconscious beliefs, or experiences. Once the connection is made, Tapping is used to release the stuck emotion that you've inherited from your ancestor. In essence, you are healing your ancestral lineage, as well as yourself.

If you'd like to experience Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques™ (ATRT™) and Ancestral Trauma Tapping™ to clear patterns and blocks in your life, contact me or schedule a session to explore the possibilities!

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