ADD, Bipolar, or Spiritual Crisis?

by Gino

Is there any relation between the symptoms of add/adhd and bipolar syndrom and spiritual crisis? Because they seem similar. I am quite confused, but I guess the cure for them is all the same? I am once diagnosed for adhd, but then I hear others claim that it is a spiritual crisis.

Ben's Answer:

There is a distinct difference between ADHD/ADD and Bipolar and both are quite different from a Spiritual Crisis. However, often in a true Manic Bipolar episode, there is sometimes an elevated state of intuition, insight and even extrasensory perception that may have aspects of a spiritual experience. There can also be delusions, paranoia, grandiosity, and other ego-influenced perceptions, that can be mistaken for spiritual experiences.

The best way to figure it out is to work closely with a therapist who understands and respects both Bipolar/ADD, and also Spiritual Emergence. The treatment would be different for each of these issues.

Take Care,
Ben Schwarcz

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