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Customized Meditation and Guided Imagery CDs for Your Specific Needs

This product is temporarily unavailable. As of August 1st, no new orders will be processed for personalized meditations, until further notice. Other guided meditation audios are still available. Thanks.

This new service offers you a highly personalized guided meditation for your daily use. This custom-made recording is a professional guided meditation/ guided imagery session, with soothing background music and voice/hypnotic induction.

"I have a lot of guided meditations of a spiritual nature… Deepak Chopra’s Chakra balancing… different ones by Kelly Howell with brainsync sound tones, I use the Insight CD you recommend… and I listen to them daily… sometimes for 2 hrs in the evening. I have a guided healing meditation that use if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have “just music” if I don’t want “words” … but I have not had the experience of what I felt just “lift” ,with your very simple guided meditation!"

-Satisfied Customer

Based on your answers to the extensive (confidential) personal profile form below -- I will customize your own unique guided meditation for your personal use. Like having your own coach or hypnotherapist with you where ever you go!

This is a powerful tool for changing your sub-conscious tapes - and replacing your negative, self-limiting, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs with positive, life-affirming, optimistic thoughts and beliefs.

By listening to your personal guided meditation on a regular basis - preferably just before you go to sleep - every night, or at least several times a week - you will begin to see deep and lasting changes in your life.

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You will receive your customized recording within 21 days of your payment (time frame not guaranteed for Special Holiday Offer - but the earlier you order the more likely it will be done by Christmas). Please complete the detailed questionnaire below. The more detail you include, the more personalized your meditation will be.

Thank you for your order!

Confidential Personalized Profile

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Sometimes, but I have healthy ways to relax
Often stressed, tense and burdened.
I have chronic shoulder tension.
I have frequent headaches or migraines.
I feel tight and tense all over.
I have high blood pressure.
Due to Unemployment?
Due to inconsistent or unreliable income.
Due to maintaining my own business.
Feeling deprived and lonely
I feel comfortable and confident about my body and my sexuality
I'm addicted to sex
I feel inhibited and guarded sexually when there is real love or caring in the relationship.
I have abusive or unhealthy sexual encounters
I'm shy, inhibited or ashamed of my sexuality.
I feel positive and happy more often than I feel sad.
My sad feelings come and go and I can accept my feelings as normal.
I feel blue, fragile and low.
I feel sad most of the time.
I cry all the time, and often can't stop.
I always have hope.
I sometimes feel like giving up.
I feel completely negative and see nothing to look forward to in my life.
I'm a survivor - I always manage to find a way.
I feel pessimistic and mild despair
I feel completely adrift without a life raft.
I have nowhere to turn.
I'm usually pretty energetic and active.
I'm tired most of the time.
I drink more than one cup of coffee a day.
I live on coffee (caffeine)
I could go to sleep anywhere, anytime.
Used to think about it.
Attempted in the past.
Occasional thoughts, but no specific plan or means for doing it.
Frequent thoughts, and I have a plan, and the means to carry it out.
Currently receiving psychological treatment for suicidal thoughts and feelings.
I have a safety plan.
My mood usually changes slowly and gradually.
My mood changes often from sad or tearful, to silly or happy, and back again.
My mood can change in a moment, from sad or depressed, to raging, or happy/manic and energetic - within a day, or span of several days.
I sleep 8-10 hours consistently
I sleep 6-8 hours most nights
It usually takes 1-2 hours to fall asleep.
I toss and turn all night long.
I wake up very early and can't fall back asleep.
Mild Frustration/irritation
Agitation, Arguments, Yelling
Raging, Fights, Breaking things
I sometimes am hard on myself
I'm my worst and harshest critic
I hear frequent critical/negative self-talk in my mind on most days.
I wouldn't talk to my worst enemy as harshly as I talk to myself!
Fear and Worry are easily triggered.
My heart races.
I have panic attacks
I'm usually confident and comfortable in social situations.
I tend to be a loner and am uncomfortable in public.
I get extreme anxiety or panic at parties, social events and gatherings.
I go grocery shopping late at night to avoid people.
Childhood Abuse?
Physical abuse
Emotional/Verbal abuse
Sexual abuse
Witnessed violence or war
Serious accidents
Near death experience
Unresolved grief - loss of loved ones.
Totally clean - no drugs or alcohol.
In recovery - clean and sober.
Occasional moderate social drinking - rarely get "drunk."
Frequent heavy drinking
Weekend warrior
I drink until I throw up, or pass out.
I sometimes forget what I did when I was drinking.
Occasional pot use.
I'll try anything.
I should be in rehab.
I feel lucky, blessed and never lacking what I need.
I can have just about anything I want.
Money has never been a problem.
I'm treading water to stay afloat.
I can never get ahead.
I feel overwhelmed by my financial worries.
I'm struggling to get out of debt.
I never feel safe and secure about my finances.
I do not believe in God, or in any Higher Intelligent force in the Universe.
I feel no connection to anything spiritual or divine.
My religion gives me a feeling of inspiration, divinity, love or connection to a higher power.
I have my own way of connecting with God, Spirit, Universe, Higher Power (etc) without religion.
I have a deep interest in my spiritual development.
I have a regular spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, ritual, or other means of expanding awareness, or experiencing grace or peace).

Download or CD

You will receive your unique recording within 21 days of your payment (holiday specials excluded). Please complete the detailed questionnaire above. The more detail you include, the more I can customize your personalized guided meditation for your particular goals and desires.

The foundation of my personalized guided meditation

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