Bipolar Recovery Coaching

A unique, individualized program to assist in your recovery from the devastating symptoms of Bipolar Illness.

Bipolar Recovery Coaching can support you on your road to recovery, stability, and balance, and serves as a complementary and integrative component of your treatment plan.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):

  • "In one study, the average lifetime cost per case ranged from $11,720 for persons with a single manic episode to $624,785 for persons with nonresponsive or chronic episodes."

  • Bipolar is the most expensive mental healthcare diagnosis both for patients, and their insurance companies, and is the 6th leading cause of disability worldwide.

    Bipolar Recovery Coaching is for those who:

    • Have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (or think they might have Bipolar Disorder), and would like extra support and guidance to keep a healthy lifestyle.
    • Have been taking a cocktail of psychiatric medications and are still experiencing bipolar symptoms and mood episodes.
    • Are struggling with debilitating side effects of psychiatric medications and are interested in exploring natural and complimentary aspects of self care.
    • Want to work towards a more balanced mood from a psychological, nutritional or energetic perspective.
    • Are ready to take full control of their lives and their health by learning to live in a disciplined and balanced manner, giving full support to their mind and body.
    • Want to try a model of recovery and wellness rather than simply fighting to control symptoms.

    "Before starting bipolar recovery coaching with Ben, I was at my wits end. My life was disintegrating, and I was very close to driving away the most important people in my life for good. I knew I desperately needed help, but I also knew the standard treatment options being offered were not for me. Therapists and psychiatrists alike said medication was absolutely necessary to regain stability, while something in my gut said just the opposite. I knew there had to be another way to wellness.

    Fortunately, in searching for an alternative approach, I found Ben's site. Shortly after starting the steps in his Alternative Bipolar Treatment Plan, I began weekly EFT coaching sessions with Ben. In the six months since, he has helped me completely change my way of being in the world. I've rediscovered what it means to enjoy my life. My days are once again relatively peaceful, and I no longer live in constant fear of lapsing into another violent episode of mania or depression. There is still work to do, but I now feel confident in my ability to stay on track.

    Simply put, Ben is an extremely gifted therapist with an unbelievable ability to get to the heart of the matter using EFT - and he is an expert at providing guidance for bipolar people. He has helped me resolve issues that were unresolved in years of standard talk therapy; many of which were huge triggers for me, making resolution crucial to building a foundation of stability. He listens, he gives his gentle input and guidance, and he helps you develop the tools and knowledge to heal yourself. He is by far the most accessible and transformational therapist I have ever dealt with.

    Whether you are at your wits end because standard treatment is not helping you, or you are newly diagnosed and looking for an alternative approach, do yourself a favor and give Ben a call. I will be forever thankful that I did just that (and for what it's worth, my sessions are remote, as I couldn't find anyone supporting an alternative treatment approach locally - this has not diminished my results one bit!)"

    -Bipolar Recovery Coaching Client

    What Does Bipolar Recovery Coaching involve?

    We will design an individualized coaching plan during our first phone session. (You may opt to communicate with Audio and Visual communication through Skype, or only by phone).

    Most people will have weekly one hour sessions. It is up to you whether to utilize medications prescribed by your medical doctor, or an orthomolecular approach using nutritional supplements, under the guidance of a doctor.

    I do not advise you on the use of your medication, as I am not a medical doctor, however I will support you in making the best choices for yourself. I work towards empowering you to trust your judgment, to express your authentic self, and to strive for optimum health.

    Many of my clients take psychiatric medications and I will support you in your path of personal growth and emotional freedom regardless of which approach you choose to pursue.

    Bipolar Recovery Coaching is NOT meant to be a replacement for psychotherapy and medical treatment. It is important to have the guidance and support of a local medical practitioner such as an Medical Doctor, Osteopath, Naturopath or Psychiatrist to address your medical needs.

    In addition to problem solving, we will identify core issues to work on and you will learn Energy Psychology techniques such as EFT/Meridian Tapping as well as meditation. We will utilize these methods during our sessions, to alleviate:

    • Stress of all kinds
    • Depressive symptoms
    • Anxiety
    • Tension and Worry
    • Anger issues
    • Past unresolved traumas
    • Insomnia
    • Relationship and Family issues
    • Any unresolved emotional issues that worsen or trigger your bipolar condition.

      Are you really ready to work on yourself and improve your quality of life?
      This is a commitment. Without your full commitment, I cannot help you, and it would be better for you to wait until you are ready.

      To schedule an initial informational interview
      for Bipolar Recovery Coaching, please call Ben Schwarcz directly at:


      I'm happy to answer any initial questions in order to help you make the best decision for your recovery process.

      Leave me a voice mail, and mention that you are interested in Bipolar Recovery Coaching, and I will return your call by the end of the next business day.

      2014 Rates:

      Initial 15-minute Phone Interview: Free

      Single Session (60 Minutes): $150

      Extended Session (90 Minutes): $200

      Pre-Paid Package of 4 weekly sessions: $540 ($135 per session)

      Pre-Paid Package of 8 weekly sessions: $960 ($120 per session)

      All packages include my Meridian Tapping eBook, Audio Book, and Guided Meditation audio.

      Payments are made prior to our scheduled sessions, and can be paid securely online through PayPal:

      Sessions Packages

      Learn more about the recommended self-care methods included in my program of Bipolar Recovery Coaching


      The Alternative Depression Therapy website may serve as a self-help tool, but the use of this information does not constitute a therapist/client relationship and should not serve as a means of self-diagnosis or a substitution for actual psychotherapy or medical care. The information on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness.

      If you are experiencing symptoms of depression it is advised that you see your doctor or therapist for an evaluation. If you are having active thoughts of suicide please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE.

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